Cheapest Phones Plans You Can Get On The Optus Network

Cheapest Phones Plans You Can Get On The Optus Network
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Optus has typically presented itself as an affordable alternative for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles offered by Telstra. While you can still get a good deal on Optus, its plans aren’t quite as cheap as they used to be. Optus will sell you 10GB for $39 per month, but for $1 less, Optus MVNO Circles.Life will give you 100GB.

And it’s not the only Optus network provider offering great deals. If you’re after Optus coverage for less, take a gander at some of these cheap plans.

Optus network phone plans under $20

If you’re looking for an Optus network plan under $20 per month, your best option comes from Moose Mobile. $14.80 per month gets you 6GB of data for your first 24 months with the antler inspired telco. Your allowance will drop to 2.5GB after your two years are up, but there will almost certainly be a better deal available by the time you have to deal with it. For comparison, most other Optus-powered telcos are only offering between 2GB and 4GB at a $15 per month price point.

If you don’t need as much data, amaysim’s $10 recharge is better value than normal right now. If you sign-up before the end of May, you’ll get 2GB on each recharge, as opposed to 1GB. Given 1GB tends to be the industry standard for entry-level plans, amaysim’s deal is a solid choice for anyone who’s after a cheap option with just enough data to stay connected.

Optus network phone plans under $30

Circles.Life is the clear winner when it comes to plans under $30 thanks to its Click Frenzy promo. While its $38 per month 100GB plan is hard to beat at full price, it’s even better with a $10 per month discount. Your $28 per month also gets you a further 3GB of “bill shock” data, just in case you manage to go over your massive allowance.

It is however worth noting this discount will only last for your first 12 months with Circles, after which you’ll pay the full $38 per month. The plan is however contract-free, so you can leave at any time. To get this deal, you’ll need to sign up before May 22 using the promo code DATAFRENZY.

If you’d prefer something closer to the $20-mark, Moose Mobile is offering an 18GB plan for $21.80 per month. Once again, you’ll only get your full data allowance for your first two years with Moose, but you are free to change at any time.

Optus network phone plans under $40

OVO represents great value here offering 35GB for $34.95 on a 30-day prepaid recharge, but you can get yourself a load of extra data for just over a dollar more per month with Moose. $36 per month on Moose nabs you a 50GB plan, but you do have to commit to a 12-month contract to get the deal.

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