Bright 2 Might Be Directed By The Man Behind Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

Bright 2 Might Be Directed By The Man Behind Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

It might not be the Netflix sequel we’d like to see him tackle, but Louis Leterrier is probably going to make Bright 2.

Leterrier, best known for directing Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk, recently directed the underrated 2019 masterpiece The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance for Netflix. And while there’s still no word on what’s up with that franchise, Leterrier is now in negotiations to step into the Bright franchise, according to Deadline.

Bright, of course, is the 2017 movie set in a world where orcs and humans live side by side. It starred Will Smith and Joel Edgerton and at the time, it was Netflix’s biggest hit. A sequel was immediately greenlit but things slowed down on the property and the original director, David Ayer, has since moved on. That left an opening and Letterier looks to be the one to fill it.

Bright 2 will reportedly continue the tales of the human and orc cops played by Smith and Edgerton but will take things international. It’s written by Ayer and Evan Spiliotopoulos, with the most recent draft by T.S. Nowlin.

Look. The first Bright was not good but its DNA was intriguing. There’s a very good chance Leterrier’s considerable vision for worldbuilding could improve on it vastly. At least, we hope so. Maybe then he can use that clout to get Netflix to allow him to make more Dark Crystal. For us, that would be the…wait for it…Bright side.