An Acura Legend That Disappeared For 20 Years And Turned Up In ‘Brand New’ Condition Is On Sale Again

An Acura Legend That Disappeared For 20 Years And Turned Up In ‘Brand New’ Condition Is On Sale Again

An Acura Legend that was stolen from a dealership lot brand-new in 1991 before resurfacing in 2011 with only 7,000 miles (11,000 kilometres) on the odometer is for sale. The car’s changed hands a few times since resurfacing, and 57,650 miles (92,700 km) are now on the odometer, but it still looks pretty clean.

The backstory is a bit of a weird one. Here is what a seller said about it back in 2014, via CarScoops:

“We have the police report telling everything about the Acura,” says the seller. “It states that it was found in brand new condition. Nothing has been altered, wrecked or painted! On the title, it states Formerly Abandoned! The person we bought it from bought it off the Insurance company, which is why it has a salvage title. They kept the Acura until this week and only put 2000 miles on it. They just used the Acura to go to car cruises, Sunday drives etc.”

Now the car is being offered on KSL for $US7,249 ($10,988). It might even be the same person who sold it last time. From the KSL description:

This Acura Legend is the famous “stolen Legend” that disappeared from an Acura lot in 1991. It resurfaced in 2010 in perfect condition, with only 7,000 miles on the odometer. I have the police report describing its condition when found by the police. Currently has 57K miles, clean Utah title, and looks and drives amazing.

Original paint. No bodywork has ever been done. Never driven in snow/salt.

All service records from 2016. Have a binder full of records, receipts, and articles all about this exact car, the famous “stolen Legend.”


I have loved this car, enough to own it twice, but my small garage, the lack of me driving it, and the craving to “feed the disease” make me think it’s probably time for someone else to enjoy it.

The seller also details all the new parts installed on the Legend LS, while disclosing that the ABS modulator has failed, which they say is common for Legends but also an expensive fix.

From what I can tell from Bring A Trailer’s auction results for Legends over the last few years, $US7,249 ($10,988) is on the low end, though I imagine the automatic transmission and the fact that this car disappeared for 20 years isn’t helping.