America’s Arse Leads The Way In The Most Patriotic Toys Of The Week

America’s Arse Leads The Way In The Most Patriotic Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s round-up of the latest in plastic goodness hitting the internet lately. This week, Captain America faces his past in a return to the Figuarts line, you can now grow your own Baby Yoda, and Hot Toys gets into a dangerously retro game with a “brand new” Boba Fett. Check it out!

S.H. Figuarts Avengers: Endgame Cap vs. Cap Edition Captain America

Toymakers across the world must’ve been pumping their fists with glee at the thought of Avengers: Endgame’s time travel, because now it means they get to re-release or re-do their older Marvel figures and say they’re from the latest Avengers movie! Case in point, Bandai’s latest premium release is a chance to put out a new version of the First Avenger himself, in his costume from, well, the first Avengers.

The “Cap vs. Cap” Steve comes with a masked and unmasked head, two versions of Loki’s scepter, and FX pieces to replicate his shield bouncing off the floor or literally into the shield of his past self. The only problem? They’re not selling him as a two-pack, so you have to double up on the roughly $120 he’ll set you back if you import him from Japan, ahead of a wider release later this year. [Toyark]

Hot Toys Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett Vintage Colour Sixth-Scale Figure

Din Djarin might be everyone’s favourite Mandalorian now, but 40 years ago Star Wars fans were introduced to the first masked bounty hunter they became obsessed with in The Empire Strikes Back. Based on early costume and screen tests, Hot Toys’ new sixth-scale Boba Fett figure features a bright vintage colour scheme that’s more in line with the character’s infamous rocket-firing action figure than Fett’s appearance in Empire. In true Hot Toys fashion, the 12-inch figure includes over 30 points of articulation, matching retro packaging, and enough accessories to recreate any pose from the movie. Availability details aren’t listed yet, but you’ve got until 2021 at least to set aside a few hundred bucks for the figure.

Medicom: MAFEX Marvel Age of Apocalypse Magneto

Once you get past the magnificent long locks of Medicom’s Marvel Age of Apocalypse Magneto figure (if you can), you’ll start to notice other features that make this figure a masterpiece of poseability. In addition to loads of articulation in the limbs and torso, Magneto includes a wire infused cape so you can recreate a “billowing in the wind” look as the character takes flight, or a more relaxed pose with the cape actually covering his body. The $120 figure, available around December, also includes three swappable heads: one highlighting his silver-grey mane, one wearing a helmet, and a second helmeted version with the face sculpt painted black to mysteriously hide his features in the shadows.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Yoda Plush

The Mandalorian’s introduction of the Child has rekindled everyone’s interest in whatever species the force-wielding green trolls in Star Wars happen to be. But the reason Baby Yoda has been so wildly popular is that he’s impossibly cute.

The same can’t be said for Disney’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’s 40th anniversary Yoda plush toy. At 17 inches (43 centimetres) tall it’s not quite life-size, but it’s tall enough to send you some creepy vibes, with a face featuring over-emphatic brows and eyes that seem to stare right into your darkest secrets. Originally a May the Fourth exclusive, it’s (not surprisingly) still available and in stock on the Disney Store website for about $60. (You will need a U.S. postal address to ship this item, however.)

Marvel Legends Retro Kingpin

We’ve known since Toy Fair that Hasbro was working on a wave of Marvel Legends inspired by the classic Spider-Man animated series and its toys of the ‘90s, but now we’ve got a look at a special addition to the wave in the form of Kingpin.

A standalone release exclusive to “fan channel” retailers like Dorkside Toys and Entertainment Earth, separate from the main wave, Fisk comes resplendent in a colour scheme inspired by his appearance in the cartoon, as well as his cane and an alternate face depicting him a little scuffed up. But really, you’re probably here for the retro packaging as much as you are Fisk. That logo! Perfect. Kingpin will be around $46 and is currently estimated for release later this winter.

NECA The Mandalorian The Child Chia Pet

This is not the way. Ask anyone, if even they’ve spent their entire life locked in a cave, what colour Yoda is, and they’ll confidently answer, “he’s green.” It’s as common knowledge as water being wet and the sky being blue. So why did NECA create a Child Chia Pet sculpture where everything but Baby Yoda ends up being green? There’s already an adult Yoda Chia Pet, which encourages users to spread the seeds all over his head so that he’s covered in living green fur. Why couldn’t the company have done the right thing here? That being said, there’s, of course, nothing stopping you from slathering the Child in chia seeds, despite what the instructions might suggest, when it’s eventually available come July for about $30.