A Gloriously Golden Wonder Woman Is The Shiniest Toy Of The Week

A Gloriously Golden Wonder Woman Is The Shiniest Toy Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular roundup of all things plastic on the internet lately. This week: Hot Toys soars into action with Wonder Woman 1984 goodness, Lego assembles Earth’s mightiest heroes and perhaps the chonkiest Iron Man around for Avengers playsets, and Godzilla brings the appropriate amount of calm to the game of Jenga. Check it out!

Hot Toys Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Armour Wonder Woman Sixth-Scale Figure

We’re still not quite sure when we’ll get to see the new Wonder Woman movie”right now it’s looking like August, but who can say, given, well, *gestures wildly at everything*”but hopefully it’ll be before Hot Toys’ glorious rendition of Diana’s shiny new armoured suit is set to release sometime in summer 2021. After all, we gotta see the movie before we spend hundreds of dollars on a toy, right?

Hahaha. Ha. Ha. Anyway, the Golden Armour Wonder Woman”a look inspired by her iconic, Alex-Ross-designed eagle armour in the Elseworlds classic Kingdom Come“features all the usual accessories from a Hot Toys figure, when it comes to alternate hands, but it also comes with alternate wings. Fancy! The two included wingspans allow you to pose Diana as if she’s mid-flight, with wings unfurled in all their glory, or ready for on-the-ground action with wings tightly folded. Aside from that, she comes with her trusty lasso of truth and a removable helmet so you can floof that hair to your heart’s desire. A princess of the Amazons can’t have helmet hair, that’s just the rules. [Hot Toys]

Lego Marvel Avengers Helicarrier and Iron Man Helmet

Lego released a giant version of the Avengers’ helicarrier back in 2015, but the almost 3,000-piece set came with a hefty $540 price tag. Its new 1,244-piece alternative will be a little easier to swallow when it arrives in June for around $185. What it’s lacking in size, it makes up for with an excellent lineup of minifigures, including Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Black Widow, War Machine, Nick Fury, and a much-improved M.O.D.O.K. Also arriving in June for about $95 is the first Marvel addition to Lego’s buildable helmet line, with an Iron Man that might not be Lego’s most accurate recreation to date; given how excellent Lego’s Boba Fett and Stormtrooper helmets turned out, this one might be a pass.

Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition

No one watches a Godzilla movie for the performances or the nuanced storyline. They want to watch the creature smash things and level cities, which is what USAopoly is now delivering on a much smaller scale with this Godzilla-themed Jenga variant. The blocks now all stack to look like a miniature skyscraper, while gameplay is dictated through a roll of a die that brings a cardboard recreation of Godzilla closer and closer to wreaking havoc on the structure. Watching the blocks eventually tumble (gravity always wins Jenga) seems even more satisfying, and as with any flavour of Jenga, you can always play by the standard pull-and-stack rules if you just want to go old school.

Crayola Colours of the World Crayons

When tasked with creating art using a box of crayons, there are inevitable compromises that need to be made when it comes to colour accuracy. So Crayola partnered with Victor Casale, the CEO of MOB Beauty and former chief chemist of MAC cosmetics’ R&D Lab, to develop a new 24-piece collection called Colours of the World. Three months of experimentation were needed to recreate the colours and shades of realistic skin complexions with crayons, but the 24-crayon box represents 40 global skin tones, Crayola claims, making it easier for kids to draw their friends, family, and themselves. There’s no date given for when they’ll hit stores, but the crayons can be pre-ordered through Crayola’s website right now.