20 of the Best She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Lewks

20 of the Best She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Lewks
From left: Catra, She-Ra, Glimmer, and Mermista show off their lewks. (Image: All images via Netflix)

from Adora’s classic get-up to Catra in a tuxedo. Even that one time Seahawk went out in the cold without buttoning up his jacket.

We must be strong, we must be brave. We must be fashion.


This is the look of a fighter. Just gaze at that jacket, with its perfect sleeve rips, flipped collar, and shoulder pads you could cut glass with. Plus, she’s got the amazing double-tied belt and a classic white shirt that may or may not still have the Horde symbol on the back. I’m sure she removed it. Right?


From the very first episode, we knew this She-Ra was a force to be reckoned with. It’s evident in everything from the red cape to the powerful breastplate and spaulder plates showing off those amazing muscular arms. Top it all off with an effervescent glow and bright blue eyes that can peer into your soul. And of course, the hair. There’s a reason Adora had She-Ra hair envy. Just look at it.

Princess Prom

The season one “Princess Prom” episode gave us several classic lewks. There was Bow’s tuxedo, complete with a corsage from Perfuma and a ripped-away cummerbund. Then we had Mermista’s skirt set, Adora’s practical but still beautiful red dress, and Scorpia’s jaw-dropping black gown, which she wore again in season five’s “The Perils of Peekablu.”

Catra’s Tuxedo

This was also spotted in “Princess Prom” but come on, how can I not give it its own listing. It’s Catra. In. A. Tuxedo. Meow.

Madame Razz

Not everyone can pull off a floor-length purple lion’s mane, giant bottle glasses, and so much drapery she’s literally attracting moths. Except Madame Razz.

Nerdy Bow

Bow has a lot of excellent looks throughout the show, but my personal favourite is alt-universe nerdy Bow from the season three finale “The Portal.” He’s so cute with wire-rimmed glasses and a fantasy polo shirt. But of course, he still has his heart boots.

Queen Glimmer

Season four opened with Glimmer, on the day of her coronation, checking out her new hairstyle and clothes in the mirror. It was not only a powerful moment for the character, who was coming into a challenging role that season, but it was also a major glow-up as Glimmer grew into a young woman.

Double Trouble

I don’t know how Double Trouble puts on this outfit in the morning — if they even have to put it on at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was simply part of their skin now. It’s just so many pieces of straps, cut-outs, and faux thigh highs. Impossible to navigate. And I love every square inch of it.


Netossa’s whole outfit is great, but I’m especially a huge fan of her armour breastplate and webbed neckline combo. Also a shout-out to one of my favourite moments from season five, when Netossa shares her house chores fanfiction. For folks who are married, you know exactly why it exists.

Horde Prime

It takes a confident man to pull off bleached white clothes and skin…and force his entire clone army to wear it too. Horde Prime is that man.

Rebel Catra and Scorpia

Best friend rebel jackets!

OK, now we’re going to get into some final season territory.

Short Hair Catra

When Catra took off her helmet to cry in season four, it was emotionally jarring but also a reminder that she should probably never take it off again. Catra without her helmet looked, well, kinda weird. At least, until Horde Prime forced her to cut off all her hair, resulting in a new style that shed the protective crown and brought the new Catra front and centre. And she looked good.


This may not be the greatest style in the history of She-Ra, but Castaspella gets the award for most-implausible get-up. How the hell does that floating star halo stay up? Only the greatest magic in the world could keep that from slipping down her neck. Also her name is literally “cast-a-spella-a.” Like, why?


Entrapta made everyone personalised spacesuits and then fixed the ship from in space!

Catra’s Spacesuit

Bow is all of us looking at Catra in her outstanding spacesuit.

Seahawk in Winter

Seahawk may not be the finest sea captain in the history of Etheria, and he’s got a knack for lighting boats on fire, but you’ve gotta give him one thing: He loves his outfit so much he refuses to ever button up his coat. Even when he’s on the verge of freezing to death in the wilderness. That’s dedication to fashion.


Mara’s She-Ra look is simply divine, but I wanted to point out how fantastic her hair is. In the season four episode “Hero,” we got a chance to spend time with Mara before she sacrificed herself to protect the magic of Etheria. She sported a gold-trimmed braid, complete with shimmering neck guard, that rivaled Beyoncé herself.

Final She-Ra

Speaking of Mara, Adora’s second incarnation of She-Ra combined the best parts of Mara and Adora’s looks into the gorgeous and mighty hero you see before you. Everything about this She-Ra look says beauty, glory, and power.


In the season two episode “Roll With It,” She-Ra and the Princesses of Power went back to its roots with a tribute to the original series. Mainly, it showed how much better the fashions are now. But still, it was cute.

Flash Forward

And finally, we end with what might be some of the best looks of the series: The flash-forward epilogue. Although it’s technically a vision that Adora had before she and Catra destroyed the Heart of Etheria, it was a peek at a potential future with these characters. Not only was it heartwarming and sweet, but it was also flawless. From Adora’s Grecian get-up to Glimmer’s queenly dress and Bow’s “bownytail.” Plus, you’ve gotta love Catra’s stylish military garb. It was a glance at the world to come for the friends of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and we couldn’t get enough of it.

All five seasons of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are available on Netflix.