The First Brave New World Trailer Suggests A Land Of Sex And Drugs Is Maybe Kinda Bad?

The First Brave New World Trailer Suggests A Land Of Sex And Drugs Is Maybe Kinda Bad?
John (Aiden Eisenreich) adjusts to the Brave New World. (Image: Peacock, <a href="">Twitter</a>)

Alden Ehrenreich has moved from , the dystopian tale of a society driven by sex, controlled by drugs, and trapped in a caste system that punishes choice.

Brave New World stars Ehrenreich (Solo), Jessica Brown Findlay (Castlevania), Harry Lloyd (Counterpart), Nina Sosanya (His Dark Materials), Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp), and Demi Moore. It's based on the 1930s novel by Aldous Huxley, introduces us to the futuristic world of New London, a place where human reproduction has been replaced with bioengineering and people are forced into an intelligence-based social hierarchy. At first, it seems like a utopia"monogamy, money, and privacy have been replaced with sexual fluidity and a predetermined merit system"but it's easy to see the cracks in a world where everyone depends on a happiness-producing drug called soma just to get by. Here's the first look:

The story revolves around two residents of New London decide to take a trip to "The Savagelands," a vacation destination that's basically a safari"only instead of zoo animals, it's people who live and reproduce naturally. There we meet John (Ehrenreich), the Shakespeare -quoting son of a former New London resident named Linda (Moore), who yearns for her child to reap the benefits of her beloved utopia. Upon heading there, he's quickly turned into a celebrity that residents call "John the Savage." As he grows more and more resentful of the world that both praises and mocks him, he yearns to upend the entire system.

During a press call earlier this week, Peacock Chairman Matt Strauss shared that production on Brave New World was pretty much completed before the covid-19 pandemic but NBC has not announced a release date for the series yet. They look to be aiming for sometime this summer.