That Incredible Clone Wars Fight Is Even Better When It’s Synced Up With Revenge Of The Sith

That Incredible Clone Wars Fight Is Even Better When It’s Synced Up With Revenge Of The Sith

Clone Wars‘ endgame has inextricably entangled itself in the events of the Star Wars prequel trilogy’s own endgame in a way that makes for some truly incredible drama (and lightsaber fights; it’s Star Wars, after all). So it does stand to reason that weaving them side-by-side makes everything that much more exciting.

Last week’s episode“the second in Clone Warsfour-part finale arc“saw Ahsoka confront Maul, who had a dangerous offer for her: help him stop Darth Sidious from ensuring his long-gestating plan to turn Anakin Skywalker into his next apprentice doesn’t happen.

We know Maul is doomed to fail, even before Ahsoka’s sheer disbelief that Anakin could fall to the dark ensures his pleas fall on deaf ears (deaf montrals? Ah, Star Wars phisiology). We’ve seen YouTuber John Jay for you to get the picture:

A lot of it is gleefully incoherent lightsaber slashing sounds, sure, but the moments you want to line up line up. Maul howling in failure as he’s detained and stunned by the Clones, as Anakin takes to his knees, pledging himself to the Dark Side? Mwah. Perfection.

Of course, the timing within Star Wars‘ canon may not line up as perfectly. The events of “The Phantom Apprentice” take place just as Obi-Wan is about to head off to Utapau and Anakin is given his mission to spy on Chancellor Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith‘s second act. So while Ahsoka’s nighttime brawl with Maul and Anakin’s fateful choice in the Chancellor’s office are probably gonna be pretty close to each other”god please don’t make me think about interplanetary night/day cycles in the Star Wars galaxy, although I’m sure there’s a Wookieepedia page for that“they likely aren’t as poetically dead-on as GL0V3R and Jay’s cut would make them out to be.

But who cares when that poetry is so damn good? It rhymes, to borrow a statement from Mr. Lucas.

[H/T Justin Carter]