Some Teslas Are Getting A New ‘Cheetah Stance’ Mode

Some Teslas Are Getting A New ‘Cheetah Stance’ Mode
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A leak has revealed that Tesla seems to have been working on a new Launch Mode called ‘Cheetah Stance’ that utilises the Smart Adaptive Air Suspension in the Raven editions of the Model X and Model S.

This news was released on Twitter by renowned Tesla hacker, Green, who has apparently accessed an upcoming software update a little earlier than Tesla planned.

The update reveals that that Cheetah Stance will essentially be a new version of Launch Mode, which was introduced to performance models of the Model X and Model S a few years back to help with acceleration from a standing start.

The new mode is made possible due to the new Smart Adaptive Air Suspension that Tesla released last year for the new ‘Raven’ models of the X and S in 2019. The new air suspension allows fully adaptive dampening even in Autopilot and in performance-based driving situations. These models also received an entirely new drivetrain.

According to Green, ‘Cheetah Stance’ lowers the front axle and adjusts the dampening. While the current version of Launch Mode already lowers the front suspension, having the rear of the vehicle stay higher is new, and accounts for the name as it will kind of look like a cheetah.

Green also posted an image from the software update that tells users how to activate the new mode.

According to Electrek, Cheetah Stance is available in Tesla’s early access program now, but this isn’t opened to the general public. There’s currently no word on when it will be rolled out further.

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