Dayum, Telstra Just Doubled The Data Of Its Cheapest Plan

Dayum, Telstra Just Doubled The Data Of Its Cheapest Plan

Telstra has quietly doubled the amount of data you get in its entry-level plan. The good news is that this won’t disappear after the coronavirus crisis is over – the extra gigabytes are here to stay.

From now Telstra customers on ‘Small’ plans will get 30GB of data a month for $50. This is applicable to SIM-only plans as well as contracts where you’re paying off a phone. Just remember – the repayment cost of your handset will not change.

The new data cap is applicable now, as you can see here:

If you’re looking for even more data right now, Telstra is also offering its 60GB a month ‘Medium’ plan for only $50 – usually it’s $60 a month. However, this is just a special and you’ll only receive the discount for the first 12 months of the plan. Fortunately, you can leave or switch to a different plan once the discounted price expires.

You can view this sale, as well as Telstra’s other SIM-only plans here:

There is currently no end date for the discount promotion on Telstra’s ‘Medium’ plan.

When it comes to value, Optus and Vodafone still have better offers, but doubling the data on its ‘Small’ plan certainly helps narrow the gap for Telstra. Plus, part of what you’re paying for with Big T is the coverage you get across the country.

For comparison, here’s the two cheapest SIM-only plans on each provider – they can be paired with any phone.

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