JFC, Telstra Is Doubling Data On Some Of Its Mobile Broadband Plans

JFC, Telstra Is Doubling Data On Some Of Its Mobile Broadband Plans
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Earlier this month Telstra doubled the data on its ‘Small’ mobile plans, taking it from 15GB a month to 30GB. This was a big deal and actually changed our best value recommendations for the iPhone SE.

It looks like Big T wasn’t done, because now it has doubled the data on some of its mobile broadband plans

The old mobile broadband plans used to offer 10GB a month for $25, 50GB a month for $50 and 100GB a month for $75. The prices haven’t changed, but the data inclusions on the Small and Large plans have been doubled:

You’ll now get 20GB on a $25/month plan and a whopping 200GB a month on the $75/month plan. That’s pretty damn good. You could even even be a decent NBN alternative for some people who aren’t in need of unlimited data.

While the ‘Medium’ plan didn’t get as much love, it still got bumped up to 60GB a month.

Dayum, Telstra Just Doubled The Data Of Its Cheapest Plan

Telstra has quietly doubled the amount of data you get in its entry-level plan. The good news is that this won't disappear after the coronavirus crisis is over - the extra gigabytes are here to stay.

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These changes have been in response to COVID-19 and its impact on individuals and businesses and will be permanent for these plans.

“As we all get used to working and learning remotely, we’ve seen a huge jump in mobile broadband sign-ups and usage across the country,” said a Telstra spokesperson in a press release.

“To make life easier, we’ve made some changes to our consumer and small business mobile broadband data plans to give more value.”

You can get the new plans into your eyeballs right here:

Other measures that Telstra has rolled out during the COVID-19 crisis have included 25GB of extra data to use within 30 days for post-paid mobile and mobile broadband customers and unlimited home broadband data until 30 June 2020 for customers with fixed ADSL, NBN or cable connections.