Star Trek: Picard’s Best Callbacks To The Next Generation

For better or worse, Star Trek: Picard leaned heavily into the nostalgia of its returning hero. Over the course of its recently concluded first season, this didn’t just mean bringing back familiar faces, it meant many sweet callbacks to the beloved Next Generation for fans to spot over its 10-episode run.

There’s a lot to love about Picard‘s first season, from small-but-sweet moments like Picard’s dog being named for the way he addressed his former first officer on the Enterprise, to huge moments of the new series, like Picard and Dr. Jurati recreating their own spin on the famous “Picard Manoeuvre” referenced in The Next Generation’s season one episode, “The Battle”—which we told you to check out before binging Picard, because we’re rather clever like that. (Do it, you’ve got time!)

There were plenty more of course, from blink-and-you’ll-miss-it callouts to past episodes (TNG or otherwise), to heartwarming reunions like re-meeting Trek heroes like Data, Seven of Nine, Riker, and Troi.