I Want To Play The Crap Out Of This Seinfeld Video Game

I Want To Play The Crap Out Of This Seinfeld Video Game
Image: Seinfeld Adventure

As many of our lives feel like they’re “about nothing” in isolation, two heroes have emerged to bring us the game we never knew we needed. Developers Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon have put together a pitch and trailer for Seinfeld Adventure, and it looks really bloody good.

Seinfeld Adventure is positioned as a roughly 30-minute point and click game that will play out quite similarly to an episode of the classic 90s sitcom. This means that if the game goes ahead extra episodes can get made for the release or added as DLC.

Players have the option to control either Jerry, George or Elaine. The trailer is very clear about Kramer being unplayable… because no one can control Kramer.

The trailer itself is incredible, offering players the all of the best elements of an old school point and click but in a modern way. The graphics look great, the writing is funny and the whole thing looks like a whole lot of fun.

My favourite line has to be: “Feel like you’re dumping beautiful women in New York for trivial reasons yourself.”

But what I like the most is how seriously Janerka and Dixon are taking this project. They’re genuinely trying to be given the official green light to make this from the powers that be.

“We want to do this the official way. However, we believe that pitching to the internet will show the demand for such a game, which will provide a better chance of this becoming a thing than us just sending a cold email. We want our email to be warm, if that makes any sense,” says the website for the game.

If given the go ahead the pair will hire a team with the view to either fund the project through the rights holders, a publisher partnership or through Kickstarter.

The dev team has already released the plot for this first episode, which is titled The Email. Much like Twitter accounts such as Modern Seinfeld or Seinfeld 2000, this is set in the present day. But Janerka and Dixon were reportedly not influenced by these accounts.

“We loved [Seinfeld 2000] too, but we purposely did not look at it all during the brainstorming process, for fear we would be too influenced by it,” said Janerka to Gizmodo Australia on Twitter.

Here’s the synopsis for their episode from the Seinfeld Adventure website.

Jerry is dating a publicist who accidentally reveals his email address to Kenny Bania through a group email. Now Bania fills Jerry’s inbox with a flurry of spam emails asking for feedback on his new stand-up set. Jerry decides to break up with the publicist over this, but he doesn’t want to deal with the interaction face-to-face. Kramer suggests ending the relationship via email and avoiding it all together.

Jerry does this before Elaine reminds him that the publicist was supposed to get them all tickets to the opening night of the new movie ‘Rochelle, Rochelle 2’. George devises a plan to corrupt Jerry’s girlfriend’s computer before she can read her emails so that they can still collect the tickets. Kramer says he knows who can help. Someone with a sworn vendetta against email. Someone who has devoted their whole life to analogue mail and sees email as a threat to his livelihood. Someone named Newman.

It’s not surprising that the trailer looks so schmick. Janerka was the solo developer on the point-and-click adventure Paradigm an d Dixon was the co-director of Childish Gambino’s Feels Like Summer video and has also worked on pixel intros for The Simpsons, Adventure Time and Rick & Morty. They have also worked on Fallout, Wolfenstein, Game of Thrones and The Watchmen.

Instead of first going to the intellectual property holders, Janerka and Dixon decided to try targeting the internet to try and get permission to make the game.

“We need actual, real internet people to show that there is a demand for it,” says the website.

“In the past, Jacob has shown snippets of the concept to great public reception with articles on IGN, Nerdist, and reaching the front page of Reddit twice. However, this is a full pitch rather than a few screenshots. We need you to share this far and wide if you would like this to happen.”

I Want To Play The Crap Out Of This Seinfeld Video Game

Since last week the trailer has been blowing up on Twitter and coverage of the game has been picked up by multiple news outlets across the world.

“The response has been phenomenal on Twitter, many people showing their support for our idea. It was definitely surreal when someone like John Romero made a tweet about it,” said Janerka to Gizmodo Australia.

“We’re just glad the majority of people liked it and thought we nailed what it could be.”

At the moment there has been no word from NBC or Seinfeld creators Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld in relation to the project. It seems like the entire internet will have its fingers crossed for this to happen. In the meantime, we can binge the whole show over on Stan.