You Can’t Buy Samsung’s New 8K TVs In Australia Yet, But There’s 28 Other Models To Choose From

You Can’t Buy Samsung’s New 8K TVs In Australia Yet, But There’s 28 Other Models To Choose From
Image: Samsung

Samsung just announced a casual 29 new TVs as part of its 2020 line up. Sadly that doesn’t involve any of its new 8K TVs just yet – but they’re on the way.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to upgrade your iso setup, you still have plenty of options across the 4K, Crystal UHD and Lifestyle ranges.

We first caught a glimpse of Samsung’s big daddy Q950T 8K QLED earlier this year at CES. With 99 per cent screen-to-body ratio it’s very close to being bezel-free. In fact, the border comes in at only 2.3mm. While you can get it in 65-inch and 75-inch options, the 85-inch is where it’s at if you enjoy beholding ludicrous beauty.

Samsung’s new flagship TV also has a few more goodies, such as 20 per cent improved brightness and a new sound feature called Object Tracking Sound Plus (OTS+) which tracks moving objects on the screen and realistically moves the sound with it across the TV’s speakers. This apparently delivers a result comparable to 5.1 surround sound.

Elsewhere on the sound front in Q-symphony, which simultaneously utilises the TV speakers and sound bar to optimise audio performance.

While you can’t get your eyeballs and earholes on this or Samsung’s other new 8K TVs right now, they’re something to look out for later this year. Alternatively, you could take a look at the 2019 range, which we had a look at last year.

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And the good news is that there’s still more than enough to whet your visual appetite in Samsung’s other 2020 ranges. When it comes to 4K, every new TV bar the entry-level Q60T has gotten an upgraded quantum processor.

Considering the continued lack of native 8K content out there right, especially now that the 2020 Olympics have been postponed, a 4K TV is still a damn good option and will remain so for years to come. Not only are the displays still great, the new processors mean that their upscaling capabilities will be future-proofed for awhile yet.

Alternatively, if you enjoy worshipping chaos like myself, there’s always The Sero. Released overseas last year, it’s a vertical television that probably has a number of good use cases. But for me, I view it as a TikTok machine.

At CES myself, Fergus Halliday from PC World and Leigh Stark from Pickr tried very hard to get dank TikTok content happening on the display model. But alas, the internet connection in the convention hall just wasn’t strong enough. We assume Samsung is thankful that the internet gods blocked this truly chaotic energy.

Here’s a full list of Samsung’s current and upcoming 2020 TVs. Everything with a price is available from Samsung and partnered retailers right now.

Samsung 8K QLED Price Australia


  • 85-inch ($ TBC)
  • 75-inch ($ TBC)
  • 65-inch ($ TBC)


  • 82-inch ($ TBC)
  • 75-inch ($ TBC)
  • 65-inch ($ TBC)
  • 55-inch ($ TBC)

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Samsung 4K QLED Price Australia


  • 75-inch (AU$6,999)
  • 65-inch (AU$4,649)
  • 55-inch (AU$3,499)


  • 85-inch (AU$7,549)
  • 75-inch (AU$5,249)
  • 65-inch (AU$3,499)
  • 55-inch (AU$2,549)


  • 85-inch (AU$6,399)
  • 75-inch (AU$4,049)
  • 65-inch (AU$2,699)
  • 55-inch (AU$2,099)


  • 75-inch (AU$3,349)
  • 65-inch (AU$2,199)
  • 55-inch (AU$1,729)

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Samsung The Frame Price Australia

  • 75-inch (AU$4,649)
  • 65-inch (AU$3,149)
  • 55-inch (AU$2,299)
  • 50-inch (AU$1,949)
  • 43-inch (AU$1,599)
  • 32-inch (AU$919)

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Samsung Serif Price Australia

  • 55-inch (AU$2,099)
  • 43-inch (AU$1,499)

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Samsung Crystal UHD Price Australia


  • 82-inch (AU$3,939)
  • 75-inch (AU$2,589)
  • 65-inch (AU$1,699)
  • 55-inch (AU$1,369)
  • 50-inch (AU$1,129)
  • 43-inch (AU$1,019)

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