Razer Just Won The Wireless Headphone Wars With Pikachu Earbuds That Charge Inside A Poké Ball

Razer Just Won The Wireless Headphone Wars With Pikachu Earbuds That Charge Inside A Poké Ball

If you want the best wireless earbuds out there, we recommend the Jabra Elite 75t. If you want an equally excellent pair that also works great with the iPhone, you can’t go wrong with the Apple AirPods Pro. But if you want to charge and carry around your earbuds in a replica Poké Ball, you’ll need to opt for Razer’s new wireless headphone offerings.

With a price tag expected to be around $189 when these launch in China on April 16, don’t expect Razer’s new Pokémon Pikachu True Wireless earphones to trounce the competition when it comes to sound quality, battery life, or features. There’s no active noise cancelling, aside from silicone ear tips that help block out unwanted noise, and while massive 13-millimetre drivers will result in excellent bass reproduction, they result in an active battery life of about three hours, or 15 hours in total when topped off using the charging case.

Photo: Zing Gadget

But it’s that charging case that might have people—at least Pokémon fans—skipping Jabra and Apple’s offerings for what Razer has brought to the table. The yellow paint job on the Pokémon Pikachu True Wireless earbuds is cute, and you won’t look like another AirPods zombie with these crammed in your earholes, but having a practical reason to carry around an authentic-looking Poké Ball is something dedicated Pokémon fans have been yearning for.

Nintendo’s Poké Ball Plus accessory came close, but its functionality was limited to the accompanying Switch titles and mobile game, Pokémon Go. If you weren’t playing either, you, unfortunately, looked like an adult awkwardly carrying around a toy Poké Ball. It’s easier to justify carrying Razer’s Poké Ball accessory around because with just three hours of battery life (the Jabra 75t promise up to 7.5 hours, by comparison) you’ll find yourself needing to frequently recharge the Pokémon Pikachu True Wireless earbuds.