Quibi: Everything Aussies Need To Know About The New Streaming Service

Quibi: Everything Aussies Need To Know About The New Streaming Service

2020 is set to be a big year for new streaming service, Quibi, whether you’ve heard of it or not. With hyped up shows and a lineup of talented creators producing content for Quibi, it looks set to have an epic launch – but what is Quibi, and should you subscribe?

What is Quibi?

Quibi (short for “Quick Bites”) is a mobile-only streaming service with an interesting new gimmick. Rather than focusing on hoarding licensed TV shows or movies, its output will be all-original short-form content designed to be viewed in 7-11 minute hits, perfect for bus rides, lunch breaks or short commutes.

Quibi’s content includes longer form TV shows (‘Lighthouse’ content), reality TV (‘Quick Bites’) and news split into ‘edible’ segments (known as ‘Daily Essentials’). Both NBC and BBC have recently signed on to create Quibi-fied news shorts, according to Vulture.

The content will only be available to stream on mobile devices and is all being created specifically for this viewing platform. The idea has some great potential that’s already being exploited by Quibi. For example, Quibi is taking advantage of mobile phones being able to view content in landscape or portrait mode by introducing a new ‘Turnstyle’ feature that enables users to shift the POV of the content that they watch by physically turning their phone.

Flipping your phone will reveal new details, camera angles and clues in the content that you watch.

There are also a number of cool mobile gimmicks planned, like Steven Spielberg’s horror series that will only be available to stream after sunset.

What original content is coming to Quibi?

Within its first year, Quibi plans to have over 7,000 pieces of content available for streaming, Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg (formerly of DreamWorks) told Vulture last year. In the same interview, Katzenberg confirmed they company had plans to spend just over $US1 billion ($1.5 billion) on developing content in its first year. Content planned includes major stars and directors including Idris Elba, Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, Kevin Hart, Naomi Watts and more.

Here are just a few of the most exciting shows announced so far, and what they’re about.

After Dark: Steven Spielberg’s aforementioned horror series, which can only be streamed after sunset.

Mapleworth Murders: A comedic murder-mystery that explores why there are so many murders in a sleepy little town.

The Fugitive: An episodic reboot of The Fugitive, starring Kiefer Sutherland as a detective on the hunt for a criminal.

Fight Like A Girl: A WWE series about young women getting advice from female wrestling superstars.

Frat Boy Genius: A documentary about the founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel.

Untitled Zombie Project: Guillermo del Toro will tell a brand new tale about zombies on Quibi, although details (like the title) are currently scarce.

#Freerayshawn: A project from Antoine Fuqua described as a modern take on Dog Day Afternoon.

Punk’d: A reboot of the iconic prank show, hosted by Chance the Rapper.

Crazy Talented: A fantasy about residents of a psychiatric ward dealing with superpowers.

Don’t Look Deeper: A fantasy about a high schooler discovering she might not be human.

Wireless: A thriller series that allows you to change POV depending on how you hold your phone while you watch it.

Immoral Compass: A Bill Burr-starring ‘outrageous’ thriller series about the lengths people will go to get what they want.

Singled Out: Keke Palmer and Joel Kim Booster team up to help people whittle down their dating preferences in this game show.

Thanks A Million: In this ten-episode series, Jennifer Lopez will hand out $US100,000 ($148,000) to ten people who need it most.

Varsity Blues: A reboot of the 1999 coming-of-age flick that follows a high school football team.

Chrissy’s Court: A Judge Judy-style comedy TV show starring TV personality Chrissy Teigen and her mother.

idris elba block quibi Image: Quibi

Elba vs Block: A reality show about Idris Elba getting behind the wheel and facing off against a stunt driver.

Fierce Queens: A Reese Witherspoon-starring documentary series about wildlife.

The Hot Drop: An interactive dating reality TV show.

Dismantled: A cooking show where food dishes are fired directly at chefs via the use of cannons. Don’t ask.

Murder House Flip: A home renovation show that focuses on houses known for mysterious murders and horrors that took place within their walls.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: A modern take on the original 2003 film about a woman attempting to drop a guy who’s been challenged to fall in love with her.

The Last American Vampire: A young female FBI agent is partnered with a 500-year-old vampire to protect the world from a dangerous threat.

50 States of Fright: A Sam Raimi-directed horror series based on American urban legends.

Survive: A Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins-starring thriller following two people who have to fight for their life after a plane crash in the mountains.

You can find a full list of shows announced so far over at The Hollywood Reporter.

When is Quibi coming to Australia?

Quibi is available from April 7, with a monthly cost of $US4.99 ($7.40) with ads, and $US7.99 ($11.80) without.

While Australia has not recieved an ‘official’ launch, Aussies can still access Quibi legally and easily.

Check out all the details below.

How To Watch Quibi In Australia

Last year a brand new streaming service called Quibi was announced in the U.S. Short for 'Quick Bites' it's different to competitors like Netflix or Stan because each episode of every show is less than 10 minutes long and can only be streamed on a mobile device. It just launched overseas and while it hadn't been confirmed for Australia yet, you can get it here right now legally and without a VPN.

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