OnePlus 8 Pro Will Be The Only Model In The 8 Series To Have Super Fast 30W Wireless Charging

OnePlus 8 Pro Will Be The Only Model In The 8 Series To Have Super Fast 30W Wireless Charging
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After months of speculation and a slew of leaks, OnePlus has finally confirmed that the OnePlus 8 series will be getting wireless charging, but only the “ultra-premium flagship” OnePlus 8 Pro.

Rumours that OnePlus was finally going to launch a smartphone with wireless charging started floating around last year, before the OnePlus 7T Pro had made its debut. When the company was spotted on the list of Wireless Power Consortium members in January, it was all but confirmed that it had a device with wireless charging on the way. A specs leak last month pointed to both wireless charging and an official IP rating for water resistance – the latter being something the tech giant never pursued; its phones are water resistant, but the certification itself costs money. OnePlus made the decision to bypass the rating and instead release ads demonstrating its smartphones’ water resistance by chucking them in a bucket of water, as you do.

But now the news that the upcoming 8 series will feature wireless charging has come straight from the horse’s mouth with OnePlus making an official announcement. The catch is that the feature will only be available on the OnePlus 8 Pro – the “ultra-premium flagship”. Warp Charge 30 Wireless will be able to juice up the smartphone to 50 per cent in just 30 minutes, and charges at 30W, which you may have figured out given the name. CEO Pete Lau said:

“We design our products to solve the problems our users face. New technologies are only implemented after they’ve been thoroughly tested and meet our standards for a top-quality user experience. After three years of extensive R&D, we are excited to finally bring one of the world’s fastest wireless charging technologies to our users.”

Lau has been very vocal about his thoughts on wireless charging and why it’s been absent from the company’s handsets, previously saying it wasn’t at a satisfactory level in terms of “driving value for the users and their device experience.” Over on the forum post, Evan from OnePlus’ Global Product Team explains that Warp Charge 30 Wireless uses “the industry’s first isolated charge pump with Warp wireless direct charging architecture,” to hit charge efficiency of 97 per cent and minimise the amount of energy being frittered away as heat.

He describes it as a having similar functionalities to that of a kill switch; when it detects “abnormal currents and voltages” it deactivates, which keeps the charge stable and your phone safe. And as you’d expect, it’s compatible with all Qi wireless chargers at 5W. He notes that if you’re using a Qi wireless charger that supports a 10W EPP standard, you’ll get 10W charging speeds for your smartphone.

The OnePlus 8 series will be revealed in full on April 14.

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