NSW Government Preview Site Shows How Many Coronavirus Cases There Are In Your Suburb

NSW Government Preview Site Shows How Many Coronavirus Cases There Are In Your Suburb

If you wanted to know how many confirmed coronavirus cases there are in your suburb, there’s now an official NSW government site that lets you search every postcode in the state. The page shows the amount of people who have been tested and cleared, confirmed cases and lives lost. The site is yet to be officially announced and is currently sitting in preview mode, but you can access it now.

At the present time the site shows 130,224 people tested and cleared, 2773 confirmed cases and 21 deceased. The site also shows an age and sex breakdown of confirmed cases – though it only covers male and female – as well as the “likely source” of confirmed cases that have been reported across the state.

The highest demographic appears to be women aged 20 – 29, followed by men in the same age bracket.

The most “likely source of infection”, as of 8pm 7 April 2020, is reported as overseas acquired with 1650. The second highest is locally acquired where there has been confirmed contact with a known case or cluster at 641 cases. Locally acquired cases where the source has not been identified is currently sitting at 410 and there are 33 cases that are listed as “under investigation.”

The site also shows cases by area, how many tests have been conducted in said areas and what the positive result percentage is. It goes so far as to show how many confirmed cases there and tests given been per 100,000 residents

The preview sites displaying in Google search results

The on-site interactive map allows users to search for confirmed COVID-19 cases by suburb. Different shades of blue are used to show how significant the outbreak is in an area.

The most impacted suburbs across the state are greater Bondi with over 50 cases and the greater Mosman area, with 40-49 cases.

As this site is still in preview mode it is unclear as to how often this data will be updated once it’s made officially public. However, it does clearly state when the last update was made. At the time of writing it was at 8pm on April 8. NSW Health is cited as the source of the information.

A map of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Sydney

It’s worth noting the site will only be able to show information regarding confirmed cases. As the states Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chants stated on March 27, “The numbers we are seeing diagnosed today reflect the behaviours of people 7 to 14 days ago. The average incubation period for this disease is around 6 to 7 days.”

So it’s important to remember there could be undiagnosed infections in your area and it’s worth remaining vigilant about hygiene and social distancing and keeping to your home, if you’re able to.

At the present time it is unclear when the site will be publicly announced or how often the figures will be updated. Gizmodo Australia has reached out to NSW Health for clarification.

You can access the preview site for ‘Find the facts about COVID-19’ right here.