Netflix For Android Just Got A Screenlock Button

Netflix For Android Just Got A Screenlock Button
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If you’re a clumsy bish like me, you probably know the pain of watching Netflix on your device and accidentally bumping the screen. I do it all the time, which makes my show pause, skip or even exit. It’s annoying and always results in barely distinguishable swears and groans. Fortunately, that won’t happen anymore for Android users. Netflix has added a lock screen button and I’ve never felt more seen.

The new functionality has been rolling out of the last few days and its simple to use. Once you load up your movie or show, the on-screen controls will now let you lock the screen. You’ll find the option around where other options such as subtitles are.

Once you press the lock button all of the usual UI options will disappear. The play and pause buttons are removed, as is the ability to skip forward or back in the content. All that remains is the small lock icon, which you need to press twice to get the rest of the regular functionality back.

While this new feature is most likely aimed at households with small children who love to touch things incessantly, it can certainly be enjoyed by adults who flail around too much as well – like me.

At the time of writing this new feature hadn’t been rolled out to iOS. Gizmodo Australia has reached out to Netflix locally to find out when it might arrive.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering if your Android or Apple device is capable of streaming shiny HD content from Netflix, we have a list of every compatible device right here for your reading pleasure. If you don’t see yours there, don’t worry – it will still most likely stream Netflix, just at a lower quality.

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