Marvel’s New Cookbook Will Teach You How To Make The Most Comical Bowl Of Noodles Ever

Marvel’s New Cookbook Will Teach You How To Make The Most Comical Bowl Of Noodles Ever
Image: Insight Editions' caption='Take Eddie and the symbiote’s relationship to the next level with...actual vore? (Image: Insight Editions)
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Move over, Stan Lee‘s Mighty Marvel Cookbook. There’s a new superheroic foodery in town, and it’s got puns and some truly, amazingly gross…noodle-tongues.

We’ve got a first look inside Marvel: Eat the Universe Cookbook, a cavalcade of comic book culinary concoctions from Justin Warner, who hosted a video series of the same name for Marvel’s official website where he made dishes inspired by the villains and heroes of the Marvel Universe. Now, all of them and more are being gathered in Insight Editions’ latest bonkers pop culture cookbook, and we have two recipes to share.

First up is the punnicilicious veggie concoction you can see above: Venom’s Pad See Us. Don’t forget to click to embiggen!

You see what they did there. Inspired by the Thai dish Pad See Ew, it’s got handmade noodles”dyed symbiote-black not by food colouring, but by charcoal”to give it that true Venom aesthetic, but really, what sells this is the charred slice of red pepper standing in for Venom’s massive, lolloping tongue. It’s so gross. It’s amazing. I would be very disturbed and delighted to see this served in front of me, and I have no idea why it’s not on the menu at Disneyland’s upcoming Marvel land (you know, that one that’s totally still opening this July?)

I mean, you could make this right now. You panic bought some activated charcoal on your last grocery order, right? Get yourself a big ol’ bowl of black, betounged noodles. With a side of Eddie Broccoli! Oh, what a gag. Truly a perfect symbiotic relationship between good eats and good puns.

Image: Insight Editions

If you lean a little more to the sweet tooth side of things though, this next dastardly delight might be for you, although it’ll take a lot more effort than even whipping up your own batch of handmade noodles: pumpkin-filled Green Goblin bombes!

Image: Insight Editions

Yes, it’s a lot of effort to make your own chocolate-moulded shells. but, honestly? This sounds delicious. And enough to knock you flat on your feet with a sugar overload, much in the same way one of Norman Osborn’s actual explosive pumpkin bombs would knock you over in more violent ways.

If you need more ideas to whip up for your next Marvel movie watch party (while you while away the time for actual new Marvel movies to come out), Marvel Eat the Universe: The Cookbook releases on July 28, and is currently available to pre-order from Booktopia.