iPhone SE Vs iPhone 11: Which Should You Buy

iPhone SE Vs iPhone 11: Which Should You Buy
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This week Apple dropped its brand new budget iPhone SE. This has us excited because all three storage options for the new device come in at under $1000. Not only that, this thing has some really decent specs for a mid-range phone with an Apple logo on the back.

But is it as good as the entry-level iPhone 11 that is already on the market? Let’s compare the two.

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After months of release rumours - and years of waiting - Apple just dropped its brand new budget iPhone SE. A global pandemic may seem like a really weird time to release a new phone, but considering the recent pricey competition, it might actually be a stroke of genius from Apple.

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iPhone SE and iPhone 11 Specs

iPhone 11 iPhone SE
Operating System iOS 13 OS iOS 13
Display 6.1-inch LCD (1,792 x 828 Pixels) 4.7-inch LCD (1,334 x 750 Pixels)
Body 5.9 x 3.0 x 0.3 inches, 5.5 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches,
Rear Camera 12MP (Æ’/1.8) and 12MP ultra wide(Æ’/2.4) 12MP (Æ’/1.8)
Front Camera 7MP (Æ’/2.2) 7MP (Æ’/2.2)
SIM Nano SIM and eSIM Nano SIM and eSIM
Processor A13 Bionic chip a13 Bionic chip
Memory/Storage 64GB, 128GB, 256GB (RAM not disclosed) 64GB, 128GB, 256GB (RAM not disclosed)
Water Resistance IP68 IP67
Battery Apple doesn’t disclose battery size but it is said to have 17 hours of video playback, Qi wireless charging, 18W fast charge It is said to have 13 hours of video playback, Qi wireless charging, 18W fast charge
Biometrics 5.9 x 3.0 x 0.3 inches, 194g 5.5 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches, 148g
Connectivity 4G 4G
Colours White, black, green, yellow, purple, PROJECT (RED) Black, white and PROJECT (RED)
Price $1,199 for 64GB, $1,279 for 128GB, $1,449 for 256GB $749 for 64GB, $829 for 128GB, $999 for 256GB

The iPhone 11 is better when it comes to raw specs. That’s not saying much though, since it’s not positioned as a mid-range phone when the iPhone SE clearly is.

There’s some key differences between the two devices with the camera, battery life and durability, which tend to be the most important things for buyers. But they aren’t different enough to make one of these devices a clear-cut winner.

The iPhone SE doesn’t have an ultra-wide camera and the battery is a bit smaller. It’s photo capabilities are improved thanks to the A13 bionic chip, however, and it supports Qi wireless charging and 18W fast charge. It still survives underwater for the same amount of time as the iPhone 11, but at 1 metre instead of 2. The biggest feature missing, really, is the Face ID.

The rest of the specs are largely identical, making the trade off probably worth it because of the significant price difference.

iPhone SE and iPhone 11 Price

The biggest surprise around the iPhone SE has been the price. The iPhone SE starts at $749 for 64GB storage. For 128GB it costs $829 and then $999 for the 256GB variant.

All options are cheaper than the iPhone 11 devices, which have the same storage options: $1,199 for 64GB, $1,279 for 128GB and $1,449 for 256GB. Of course, you’re paying for more than storage. The iPhone 11 has a better camera array, longer battery life and better splash and dust resistance. All of these things contribute to the higher price.

We can’t compare plans as they haven’t been revealed yet – but we’ll update this post with the details once they’re available.

Should You Buy The iPhone SE or iPhone 11?

It really comes down to what you value in a phone. But as discussed above, the trade offs you make for the camera and battery life in the SE vs the iPhone 11 are likely to be worth it thanks to the price tag.

If the camera a deal breaker, you’re probably leaning towards the more robust iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max anyway.

The bottom line is that the iPhone SE packs a punch with some flagship specs in a mid-range body. You can get Android phones for cheaper, but this is a great price for an Apple device and anyone who wants the convenience of Apple’s ecosystem and services.