Insane Deal: 50% Off Google Pixel 4

Insane Deal: 50% Off Google Pixel 4
Image: Gizmodo
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The Google Pixel 4 has only been on shelves for around 6 months, but some telcos are already slashing the price. While we can’t be sure, it could be in the lead up to the increasingly leaked Google Pixel 4a which we’re hoping will be announced soon.

Both Vodafone and Optus have halfed the price of the 64GB version of the flagship by a whopping 50 per cent.

Cheap Vodafone Google Pixel 4 Plans

Vodafone has brought the price of the handset down to $524 a month, which saves you $14.55 a month on a 36-month plan or $21.83 month of a 24-month plan.

Once you factor in the plan pricing, it means the cheapest you can now get a Pixel 4 is for $54.55 a month, which comes with 10GB of data. This goes up to $61.83 a month if you opt for 24-months instead.

Alternatively, you could hack the system. Vodafone plans are contract-free, which means you can sign up for one of these plans and then leave. While you’ll have to pay off the phone, it will still only cost you half as much as what it is to buy outright in a store right now. This is extremely worth it in our opinion.

36-month Pixel 4 (64GB) Vodafone plans

24-month Pixel 4 (64GB) Vodafone plans

Cheap Optus Google Pixel 4 Plans

If you’d prefer to go with Optus, it has exactly the same deal but the prices vary slightly.

Its plans start at $53.56 per month with 10GB on a 36-month plan, or $60.84 per month on a 24-month plan. That’s a $21.84 per month saving on a 24-month plan, or $14.56 per month on a 36-month plan.

The key difference between this deal and Vodafone’s is that you can’t hack it. While Optus plans are also contract-free, you have to give up the 50 per cent handset discount on remainder of the plan term if you leave early.

Still, this won’t matter if you’re happy to stick with Optus for 2 or 3 years.

24-month Pixel 4 (64GB) Optus plans

36-month Pixel 4 (64GB) Optus plans

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