In The Emotional Final Clone Wars Trailer, The Siege Of Mandalore Arrives

In The Emotional Final Clone Wars Trailer, The Siege Of Mandalore Arrives
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We took a long road to get here, but we’ve arrived. The beginning of Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ final end is here, and it’s a battle set to change the fate of heroes and villains alike.

Disney and Lucasfilm just dropped a new TV spot for the four final episodes of The Clone Wars, the long-awaited conclusion to the beloved animated series’ currently airing final season. And yes, it’s what you’ve been waiting for: the seeds were sown in last week’s episode of the show, but this week it all kicks off. Ahsoka Tano is on Mandalore, ready to free it from the grip of Darth Maul’s sinister machinations.

And she’s got some friends.

As if the scene where Anakin gifts his former padawan a batallion of her own, personalised Clone Troopers already didn’t have us brimming with tears (and has done so since we first learned of it, back when this was an untold tale in the twinkle of producer Dave Filoni’s eye), the epic action just might have done anyway.

Or, you know. Anakin Skywalker. Talking about the loyalty of clones. As we and Clone Wars alike draw closer to the inevitable events of Revenge of the Sith.

Are you ok? I’m not. I’m the direct opposite of ok. I am compromised all over the place.

And we don’t have much time to compose ourselves, frankly: End, the Clone War does, when Star Wars: Clone Wars‘ final arc begins on Disney+ this Friday, April 17.