SuperLoop Has Free NBN Plans Now

SuperLoop Has Free NBN Plans Now
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Last week NBN Co announced a $150 million financial relief package to help retail service providers (RSPs) give low income families and struggling small businesses access to the internet during the coronavirus pandemic. SuperLoop is one of the first RSPs to opt into the scheme and is already offering free plans.

$50 million of NBN Co’s relief package is solely dedicated to waiving the $37 monthly wholesale charge that service providers usually pay for 25/5 Mbps speed tier plans. This is what SuperLoop is now taking advantage of to offer its free plan.

The RSP is calling this an unlimited Online Learning Plan and its aimed at households with school-aged children so they can continue to learn and study remotely. The plan will cost $0 per month and will sit at a 25/5 NBN speed tier.

This plan is available to the first 5,000 applicants and some conditions apply. A member of your household must be receiving the JobSeeker Payment or Family Tax Benefit Part 1 or Part B and there needs to be a school-aged child living there.

The plan can also only be access if your address has NBN network access and if there isn’t already a current NBN connection running.

It’s worth noting that the plan will only be $0 per month until October 1, 2020. After that time the plan will revert to $64.95 a month. Fortunately, this plan is not on a minimum-term contract, so it can be cancelled at any time

To apply, complete this sign up form and use the promo code “COVID19”.

NBN Announces $150 Million Package To Help Low Income Families Access The Internet

NBN Co has announced a $150 million relief packages for telcos to help low-income families and small businesses access the internet. A particular focus will be on families with school ages children so they can study online.

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“There are so many families struggling out there due to COVID-19 that have NBN available, but just can’t afford to upgrade to it due to economic hardship,” said Superloop CEO Drew Kelton in a statement.

“With remote learning expected to continue in the coming weeks and months ,we want to help more families get access to world class broadband. NBN has supported all RSP’s to help households that are struggling and Superloop will further support this important initiative by absorbing all the backhaul, internet access and support costs so disadvantaged families can get a $0 service.”

Aussie Broadband also stated on Friday that it will also be opting into the financial relief scheme as well as matching NBN Co’s funding pool.