Check Out This Dramatic Nighttime Desert Racing Footage

Check Out This Dramatic Nighttime Desert Racing Footage

The new Race Motion video series is a collection of badass clips from desert races. That’s it. But they’re intensely cinematic and I’m big into them, so please enjoy the latest instalment in this visually impressive series: The Mint 400 at night.

I feel like this kind of music is usually an overture to something with swords and dragons, but desert racing can be legendary too. Why not.

That old Bodystyle Ford (well, it’s a race car with an old Ford face on it at least) I screenshot is the coolest looking rig in the clip in my humble opinion but watching the suspension work on the open-wheel buggies is always fun too.

And not for nothing, the desert at sunset is always lovely to look at.

We also get a brief chance to see this wild spider-eye LED arrays in action:

Screenshot: Off Road Racer, YouTube

How many is too many? We should do another post investigating that at some point. For now, I hope you got a little let’s-do-this energy from this sizzle reel.

Anyway, this is the second of two Race Motion videos. The first was full of exciting daytime shots, from the 2020 Mint 400 as well.

The Mint 400, of course, is the big annual off-road race that goes down outside Las Vegas every year. It was one of the last large desert racing events on the calendar for 2020, and might end up being the last one for the year period if we keep getting forced to stay inside.

The Mint is usually described with Hunter S. Thompson quotes, since the race serving as a backdrop for Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas is a big cultural touchpoint for people. But regardless of your interest in that, it’s a very competitive event over a very rough and rocky course. Competitors range from full-on Trophy Trucks to brave souls bouncing around in near-stock VW Beetles.