Barbara Gordon Is Coming To Titans’ Third Season

Barbara Gordon Is Coming To Titans’ Third Season

With Nightwing making his debut in Titans‘ second season (and Bruce Wayne showing up rather frequently for a show that isn’t about him), it was only a matter of time before even more members of the Bat-Family made their way to the DC Universe show.

During a recent streamed conversation with Titans cinematographer Brendan Steacy (via CBR), director Boris Mojsovski revealed that in addition to shifting its focus back to Gotham City, the show will bring none other than Barbara Gordon into the fold, just as the Titans begin to realise the new threat they’ll have to take on in the season premiere. Mojsovski didn’t comment on whether Titans‘ Barbara would be operating as Batgirl or Oracle, but he did explain that the third season would take a number of cues from the first in terms of its overall tone.

“Things are going to go back to [being] seedy and dark in every way. Our Titans are going to be challenged greatly by external forces, but also internal ones,” Mojsovski said. “The season should have”in a good way”many resemblances [to] the first season and some cool emotional stuff from the second season.”

Though Barbara’s not exactly a Titans mainstay in DC’s comics, her introduction to the show makes a fair amount of sense given that Batman’s already taken Jason Todd on as his newest protégé, and other heroes have mentioned her existence, implying that they know she operates as a vigilante. It’s going to be interesting to see what direction Titans decides to take Barbara in, and how the series is going to set her apart from the many other live-action incarnations of the character that have appeared over the years.

While Dick Grayson’s in the throes of a magical nightmare created by Trigon, he’s convinced that the Joker tortured Jim Gordon, suggesting that in Titans‘ continuity, Barbara/Batgirl could be his daughter in contrast to Batman & Robin‘s Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone), who was Alfred’s niece. The details of Dick’s nightmare weren’t necessarily reflections of actual events in Titans, but if they were rooted in reality, it could very well mean that in that universe, the Joker’s bullet that left Barbara paralysed in actually ended up being fired into her father instead.

Titans‘ Bat-Family has been in a state of disarray from the jump with both Jason and Dick Grayson leaving Gotham after having massive fallings out with the Dark Knight. It isn’t Barbara’s job to bring everyone back together, but she has always been the most sensible of Gotham’s cowled heroes. There’s no word on casting at this time but we’ve reached out to DC Universe for more information and will update should we hear back.

Regardless of what codename Barbara’s going by when she turns up, she’s almost certainly going to bring the Titans some much-needed levelheadedness when Titans returns some time later this year.