A New Green Hornet Movie Is On The Way

A New Green Hornet Movie Is On The Way

Jason Momoa discusses his Dune role. Rosario Dawson wants in on Star Trek in a very specific role. The Disney+ Moon Knight show is set to enter production later this year. Plus, another new look at Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, behind the scenes on Agents of SHIELD’s final Agent Carter crossover, and Quibi keeps on Quibing. To me, my spoilers!

Green Hornet and Kato

Variety reports Universal Pictures will officially partner with Amasia Entertainment for a new film adaptation of the classic The Green Hornet radio and television series.


Appearing as a guest on a recent episode of the Ellen Degeneres Show, Jason Momoa compared his Dune character Duncan Idaho to Han Solo.

I get to play this character Duncan Idaho, who’s kind of a master swordsman who’s made the right hand man to Duke Leto who is Oscar Isaac. He’s the first person to be sent out to land on Dune and that’s when I meet the character that Javier Bardem plays. I can’t believe I had a scene with Javier Bardem! It’s a pretty massive film and I get to be this little—he’s kind of the Han Solo-esque of the group. He’s this rogue warrior who protects Timothée Chalamet and serves Oscar Isaac.

Blood Machines

A pair of “space hunters” are stymied when the ghost of a young woman exits the ruins of a machine trying to free itself in the trailer for Blood Machines, coming to Shudder May 21.

Moon Knight

According to the latest issue of Production Weekly, filming on Marvel’s Moon Knight series is scheduled to begin November 16 over the course of twenty-six weeks under the title, “Good Faith.”

Star Trek

In conversation with Variety, Rosario Dawson stated she’s very interested in playing a Q on either Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Picard and believes she has the connections to make it happen.

I was thinking that I know people who do makeup on it and I could just be a background Romulan or Vulcan or whatever. It would be so fun to just throw me in there. I could just walk through as a Klingon. Just something in the background. And my brother got really mad and said “absolutely not!” I was thinking I could just be a red shirt, who always get killed. He was “No! We talked about this. You have to be a captain!” He plays the Star Trek Online game and does missions and thinks I have to at least be a captain. But then my dad said I should be Q. Because male Q, female Q, young Q. They are all just Q. It’s the Q continuum. It would be great. Then I could jump on Discovery and I can be on Picard. I just want to be on with Jean-Luc Picard.

Agents of SHIELD

Actor Jeff Ward shared a quartet of set photos from Agents of SHIELD’s upcoming Agent Carter crossover episode.

Vagrant Queen

Syfy has released a trailer for “In a Sticky Spot,” next week’s episode of Vagrant Queen.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

A new behind-the-scenes featurette sees Natalie Dormer discuss three of Magda’s alternate personas in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

Spider-Man: Maximum Venon

Spider-Man takes on a new symbiote in a clip from this week’s episode of Spider-Man: Maximum Venom.


Finally, Anna Kendrick befriends…a living sex doll and takes on the patriarchy in the trailer for Quibi’s latest series, Dummy.

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