9 Killer Animated Series You Can Find On Streamer VRV

9 Killer Animated Series You Can Find On Streamer VRV

At a time when there are far, far, far classic cartoons. Cartoons that are as familiar as they are undeniable re-watchable. Thankfully, VRV has these by the truckload.

Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

Like all children his age, there are many secrets that young Birdboy would rather keep hidden away from his friends and the rest of the world, but the literal demon inside him is a key part of the future of his entire island’s survival. Much as he’d prefer to shut those around him away, Birdboy’s friends end up being pulled into a daunting (though visually stunning) adventure that pushes each of them to confront difficult truths about the strange reality they live in.

9 Killer Animated Series You Can Find On Streamer VRVHikaru and Sai. (Image: Viz Media)

Hikaru no Go

Like most children his age, Hikaru Shindo has little interest in playing classical boardgames like Go that require deep thought, strategy, and foresight. But when he one day realises he’s the only person who can see Sai, a ghost from the Heian era who was a renowned Go player, the two team up in order to fulfil Sai’s desire to finally execute the perfect Go move.

9 Killer Animated Series You Can Find On Streamer VRVPhoenix Wright about to throw the book at a criminal. (Image: A-1 Pictures)

Ace Attorney

Before he was an ace attorney, Phoenix Wright was a hotshot, up-and-coming defence lawyer tasked with the unenviable task of having to solve the mysterious murder of his trusted mentor Mia. The prime suspect in Mia’s murder is her younger sister Maya, a girl who”like many members in her family”can see the dead, but once Phoenix determines she’s not the culprit, the pair team up to discover the true criminal’s identity.

9 Killer Animated Series You Can Find On Streamer VRVJunk Dog showing off his weapons of choice. (Image: Viz Media)

Megalo Box

While the privileged class of licensed citizens are free to live lives of comfort and luxury, people like Megalo Box‘s Junk Dog fight to survive, in many cases quite literally. Though Junk Dog could never have imagined being able to escape his life of poverty where he fights in fixed boxing matches, a chance run-in with the mob puts him on a path to glory that, if he plays his cards (and uses his fights) right, might just change his fate.

9 Killer Animated Series You Can Find On Streamer VRVThe Samurai Troopers, or Ronin Warriors if you must. (Image: Sunrise)

Samurai Troopers

When the evil emperor Arago was driven back from the mortal realm in the distant past, he swore that he would one day return to get his revenge and plunge everything into ruin. But along with his promise came a prophecy: that if and when he returned, a group of legendary warriors known as the Samurai Troopers (or Ronin Warriors, if you prefer the dub) outfitted in ridiculous (though cool) armour would rise up to strike him back down.

9 Killer Animated Series You Can Find On Streamer VRVA yokai showing up to cause trouble. (Image: Shin-El Animation)

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

As an orphan, Yushi Inaba is perfectly comfortable fending for himself despite the fact that as a young student, he needs a strong social network to depend on for emotional support. When his school’s dorm suddenly goes up in flames, he’s left with the choice of either living with his uncle or moving into a strangely cheap apartment by himself that just so happens to be populated with all manner of otherworldly and supernatural creatures. The choice, of course, is simple.

Gary and His Demons

Much like Buffy the vampire slayer, Gary was chosen to protect the world from demons who would see it turned into a virtual chaos dimension. Unlike Buffy, Gary’s a middle-aged man who very correctly believes that he might have spent his whole life being so committed to his destiny that he never bothered to do the important work of becoming a three-dimensional person. Existential crisis though he may be in, Gary’s still got the time to find himself if he really wants to. The only issue is that he’s not quite sure if he does.

Digimon Adventure tri.

Continuing the story of the original Digimon Adventure series, tri. follows the original Digidestined as they continue to grow up and grow apart right up until the moment a new threat from the Digital World shows up that brings them all back together to save reality once again. On its face, tri‘s story is exactly what you would expect from a series of Digimon films, but as the story progresses, it becomes all too obvious that the movies are a loving goodbye letter to the original concept that gave birth to this entire franchise.

Bee and Puppycat

In some alternate universe, Bee and her strange hybrid pet-friend Puppycat are out right now delivering food and packages to people who are quarantined because all of their magical adventures more or less revolve around doing random gigs for people on a daily basis (sometimes in space). That may sound outlandish, but it’s the sort of premise that more or less makes sense for the show as it follows its titular pair of friends living their daily lives, begrudgingly loving one another, and gradually discovering the mysteries about Bee’s origins.