We Live In A World With A Dak Ralter Action Figure, And More Of The Most Unbelievable Toys Of The Week

We Live In A World With A Dak Ralter Action Figure, And More Of The Most Unbelievable Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of all things toy. This week, we’re catching up on New York Toy Fair with some lovely Star Wars reveals, snoozing with Pikachu, and swinging into action with Spider-Man. But there’s also a truly weird Chia Pet, and K’nex takes on the architectural icons of the world. Check it out!

Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series Snowspeeder

Honestly, we could give or take Hasbro’s new Black Series-scaled Snowspeeder. Don’t get us wrong, it’s very pretty, very big considering it fits the company’s six-inch Star Wars line, and a suitable celebration for The Empire Strikes Back’s 40th anniversary. What we’re here for, as fans of the goofily esoteric side of Star Wars merchandise, is that said Snowspeeder doesn’t come with, say, a Wedge Antilles or a Luke Skywalker—Luke in his Snowspeeder gear, in fact, is part of Hasbro’s wider action figure wave for ESB’s anniversary. Instead, this snowspeeder comes with Luke’s co-pilot in the battle of Hoth, Dak Ralter. You know, the guy who’s like “I feel like I could take on the whole Empire” and then promptly gets done in by his piloting controls exploding in his face?

Yeah. That guy. And now he’s the star of his own action figure playset! Aside from the details of the Snowspeeder itself—which of course has an opening cockpit, as well as a fireable harpoon and towcable, and retractable landing gears and air breaks—Dak himself has a removable pilot’s helmet, and is, like we said, Dak goddamn Ralter. Love it. Dak Ralter and Snowspeeder accessory will set you back $190, and releases this winter.

Basic Fun! K’nex Architecture Sets

It might not be as iconic as the world’s most popular toy, but ask any kid what their favourite building sets are besides Lego, and they’ll probably respond with K’nex. Mostly known for the towering and fully functional roller coasters and ball machines you can build, K’nex is taking a page from Lego’s playbook and introducing a line of Architecture sets recreating famous landmarks.

The first three, which will arrive sometime this winter, are the $US50 ($77) Eiffel Tower, the $US50 ($77) Golden Gate Bridge, and the $US60 ($93) London Eye Ferris Wheel. Not only are they cheaper than Lego’s offerings, but the resulting models are considerably taller and more impressive, although that means you’ll need to clear off even more room on the shelf. Stay tuned for local pricing on these.

Medicom MAFEX Spider-Man: Far From Home Stealth Suit Spider-Man

Medicom is relishing all the fancy new suits Peter Parker got in his latest movie, because now the company is back dipping into the spider-web with this fabulous take on Peter’s stealth suit. As with all MAFEX figures, the 6-inch scaled toy features insane amounts of articulation, and multiple alternate hands to pose Peter twhipping, punching, slinging, or in general being the dweeb he is, super-powered hero or otherwise.

As well as that, and a myriad of webbing effects pieces to depict said thwipping, Peter has three alternate heads: one unmasked, another unmasked with the EDITH sunglasses gifted to him by Tony Stark, and then a masked head. The last of those even has extra features, because the flip-up lenses not only reveal Peter’s photo-printed eyes underneath, but actually can hold several “eyeplates” depicting various emotional reactions. When Peter slinks out this November, he’ll set you back about $150. [Toyark]

NECA Chia Weird Al Yankovic Chia Pet

It’s hard to believe the Chia Pet is 43 years old already. It’s even harder to believe the product wasn’t originally inspired by Weird Al Yankovic’s epic ‘80s hair, but the first Chia Pet sold in 1977 was a non-descript “Chia Guy” while Weird Al’s first hit, “My Bologna,” wasn’t released until two years later. NECA is finally immortalising Weird Al in the most appropriate way possible, with the first Chia Pet featuring his iconic ‘80s glasses and loud shirts. Available sometime in June for about $U30, we’re hoping it inspires Al to turn another classic hit into an ode to the pottery that grows—might we suggest “Pet it Go”?

Merchoid ‘Pikachu Used Static’ Pokémon Alarm Clock

There’s probably no more effective way to wake up in the morning than having an electric-type Pokémon shock you back into the conscious world. For a less stressful way to start your day, however, Merchoid’s “Pikachu Used Static” alarm clock trades dangerous exposure to electrical currents for gentle sounds, and a glowing Pikachu figure passed out on top. Our only complaint? The tiny LCD display seems a little old-school, and not in a good way, since Merchoid is asking a hefty $90 for it once available sometime next month.