WB Finally Makes The Call To Push Wonder Woman 1984’s Release

WB Finally Makes The Call To Push Wonder Woman 1984’s Release

Wonder Woman 1984 has been stunned but is still standing up to the forces of evil.

As expected, Warner Bros. just announced that the upcoming superhero sequel has been delayed from its original June 5 release. The shock though is that the delay is only two months to August 14. It’s the shortest covid-19 delay yet, with most films not settling on a new date at all, and others moving to the summer season or next year entirely.

Warner Bros had four other big summer releases too, all of which are going separate ways. The studio took James Wan’s horror film Malignant, the animated Scoob and the musical In the Heights off the schedule entirely but Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi film Tenet will remain, for now, on its July 13 release date.

Wonder Woman 1984 is the big one though and the studio remains dead set on releasing it this year, and on the big screen. “When we greenlit WW 1984 it was with every intention to be viewed on the big screen and are excited to announce that Warner Bros. Pictures will be bringing the film to theatres on August 14th,” Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group Chairman Toby Emmerich in a statement. “We hope the world will be in a safer and healthier place by then.”

That’s the big issue, though. Will the world be a safer healthier place by August? Or by July 13 even? Warner Bros. seems to think so, which one would assume is bolstered by the news of overseas theatres slowly beginning to reopen and political sentiment in the U.S. that the economy gets back up and running as soon as possible. Of course, these could change again. But, for now, fans may still get to see Wonder Woman 1984 and Tenet on the big screen this summer.