Voice Actor Phil LaMarr Runs Down Some Of His Most Famous Work

Samurai Jack, one of Phil LaMarr’s most popular characters. (Image: Cartoon Network)

Samurai Jack. Green Lantern John Stewart. Kit Fisto. Phil LaMarr has voiced some of the most compelling animated characters of the past two decades. In a new video, LaMarr talks through some of those fantastic roles.

In an interview video with Vanity Fair, LaMarr goes through a list of his roles, discussing his experiences, sharing behind-the-scenes factoids, and showing that he can still do all those voices—yes, even Virgil from Static Shock. He’s an animated, compelling interviewee, and he clearly has a lot of fun with his job.

In animation, and video games, for that matter, LaMarr’s voice is one of the most familiar sounds around. He’s a protean creator, able to give life to such a wide variety of voices that I’m occasionally surprised and delighted to find out that, yes, that character was voiced by Phil LaMarr, too.

Not a lot of the roles he discusses here are still on the air, unfortunately. Though there’s a chance he may spend more time as Kit Fisto in the final season of The Clone Wars, airing now on Disney Plus.

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