This Website Is Giving Away Microsoft Teams And Other Programs To Help Out Aussie Businesses

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The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has launched a website with free work resources to help Australian businesses continue to function during the coronavirus pandemic. Microsoft Teams is already available at no cost.

The website is called Australian Business Continuity and businesses such as Google, Telstra, and NBN Co have supported the venture to get it online.

"To help you keep your business functioning with minimal disruption during these times of adversity, the AIIA in conjunction with some of its members and with the support of the Federal Government, has come together to provide a suite of free service offerings, advice and tools designed to support Australian business continuity through the use of technology," says the website.

Microsoft Teams Free

Australian Business Continuity currently has Microsoft Teams available for free.

In addition to software, there are also tools and advice for things such as HR management during COVID-19, emergency outreach and improved remote working arrangements.

While the site is currently in its fledgling stages, hopefully more businesses will donate programs and resources to help those in need and keep people in jobs during this turbulent time.

The launch of the website comes a week after Atlassian released all of its cloud-based software for free to help with remote working and teaching during the coronavirus outbreak.

All Of Atlassian's Cloud Products Are Now Free

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Atlassian is now offering Jira and its other cloud-based software for free to help people work and learn from home.

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