This Star Trek ABC Golden Book Will Remind You That P Is For Picard

This Star Trek ABC Golden Book Will Remind You That P Is For Picard

OK, as a writer, I probably don’t exactly need a book to teach me the alphabet. What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, that’s right… I want it, about as much as a Ferengi wants a big old pile of Latinum to roll around in.

I’d know that if I had the book, because I’m pretty sure that F is for Ferengi.

Over the years, Star Trek has seen more than its fair share of wacky merchandise. Isolinear chip coasters? Sure, why not?

Poorly constructed action figures? You bet.

Terrible caps? Most definitely.

For the Borg’s sake, you can even buy Star Trek themed paper clips, and that’s without getting into the whole debacle that is the Spock Helmet.

Comparatively, a Little Golden Book that also helps to teach kids that R is for the Riker Manoeuvre seems pretty normal.

The Star Trek ABC Golden Book isn’t actually out until July (which just so happens to be not that long after my birthday, not that I bring that up for any particular reason), and is part of that seemingly never ending series of Little Golden Books. Those distinctive gold-edged titles that you remember from your youth have been going since 1942, when Three Little Kittens was first printed.

Data’s cat Spot was once a kitten, but I don’t think he was in Three Little Kittens.

Although it is possible that S is for Spot. Or possibly Shut Up Wesley.

I guess I’ll have to wait until July to find out.