The Horror Community Pays Tribute To Re-Animator Director Stuart Gordon

Stuart Gordon flexes his muscles at the 31st Deauville Festival Of American Film on September 9, 2005 in Deauville, France. (Photo: Francois Durand, Getty Images)

If you ever went into a video store and picked out the horror movie with the most messed-up cover ever, it might have been directed by Stuart Gordon. With a filmography that included Re-Animator, From Beyond, Fortress, and Robot Jox, Gordon was one of the kings of cult films in the ‘80s and ‘90s. He was filled with vision and talent but, tragically, he passed away this week at the age of 72.

Gordon made his feature directing debut in 1985 with what would remain his best-known horror film: loose H.P. Lovecraft adaptation Re-Animator, the gruesomely funny tale of a medical student (Jeffrey Combs) who becomes obsessed with raising the dead. He followed that a year later with From Beyond—another Lovecraft adaptation starring Combs and his Re-Animator co-star, Barbara Crampton—sealing his place as a genre legend.

As expected with a director of Gordon’s stature (and by the way, he wasn’t just a horror-movie guy—he also co-created the Honey I Shrunk the Kids franchise and had recently returned to his theatre roots), fans have taken to social media to mourn the loss. Below, we’ve compiled tweets from several prominent horror writers, directors, actors, and others, all sharing their fond thoughts on Gordon.

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