The 2021 Ford Bronco Has A Cool Roof Rack And More Details In Yet Another Leak

The 2021 Ford Bronco Has A Cool Roof Rack And More Details In Yet Another Leak
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Part of me feels pretty silly doing yet another Ford Bronco leak post. Like, we get it, it looks like this. But as a 4×4 enthusiast, F it, I can’t help but be stoked all over again even at just a picture of it at a slightly different angle. And I found new details to pontificate about anyway!

Once again, the administrators at sent us a thread on their forum featuring a couple of casual photographs watermarked by another source (this time The Raptor Connection) and posted by one of their users. Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot: Bronco6G

You can check in on the Bronco6G thread too if you’re so inclined. The same admins who emailed us promised to keep digging for more images so hopefully, we’ll see even more after I publish this blog.

Meanwhile, let’s just admire how square and simple it is, how perfect the rake on the back of the two-door’s roll cage is (see it in the background?) and how sweet the roof rack attached to the windshield (so it can be used while the middle part of the roof’s off?) looks. Despite its long wheelbase, which should theoretically be good for highway-speed stability but might be suboptimal off-road, there appears to be enough ground clearance to allow for earnest wheeling capability.

We’re also seeing the Bronco on less aggressive tires than we have before, and I’m noticing a hood bulge that wasn’t really readily apparent from earlier leaks. Come to think of it, the hood looks pretty broad in this image. Could there be a V8 in there?

I’m still not totally sure what’s going on with those handles at the front of the fenders. Maybe for tying down weird roof cargo like a canoe. But I kind of dig the way they look.

I fired off an email to Ford asking if the company’s reps could identify the vehicle in these pictures and/or if it in fact been intentionally and tactically distributing these leaks, but I do not expect an answer beyond “no comment.” Which is fine. I can’t say I care all that much whether or not Ford is leaking these leaks on purpose. I’m too worked up with excitement about the existence of a new open-top 4×4 to even think straight.

I might have to get one. And it might have to be blue with a white stripe on the side. Nah, who am I kidding, it’ll probably be too financially intimidating for me. But a boy can dream.