Swapping Toilet Rolls For Sushi Rolls Is Peak Stupid

Swapping Toilet Rolls For Sushi Rolls Is Peak Stupid

Hey, Australia, can we calm down on the whole toilet roll panic buying business now? I think we can all agree that it has reached peak weird when Sushi chains are using it for publicity stunt purposes.

As OzBargain points out, Sushi Sushi was running an offer (but not in NSW, apparently) where if you took in a roll of toilet paper to any Sushi Sushi restaurant, you could exchange it for a sushi roll. Several respondents claim to have been able to do so, although it appears that staff may have rolled not just their rice but also their eyes at them for doing so.

As a stunt, it is cute in an attracting eyeballs while people lose their minds over toilet rolls kind of way, but at the same time I think it’s a pretty clear sign that this business of panic buying toilet paper has already gone far enough, which is to say too far.

It may well be that Sushi Sushi itself realises this; the link that OzBargain used to Sushi Sushi’s Facebook page now results in a dead link, not a live offer to swap your dunny roll for a salmon or tuna roll. We’ve put a query through to Sushi Sushi to check their side of the story and will update as and when they get in touch.

Just in case you were still in panic mode over the whole affair, you really don’t need to be panic buying toilet rolls in the first place; Australia’s stocks of them are just fine, and most manufacturing takes place within Australia, so there’s not even a particular shipping or supply chain issue to deal with.

Although, dammit, now I want Sushi for dinner. You win again, marketers!