Someone Already Broke A Modified 2020 Corvette At The Drag Strip

Someone Already Broke A Modified 2020 Corvette At The Drag Strip

Deliveries of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette have finally begun, which means we’ll soon start seeing them on public roads and, uh, at the drag strip. This modified example, belonging to LG Motorsports, is quite possibly one of the first mid-engine Corvette casualties. Excluding that one that ate it during a snowy day, of course.

As our friends at Road & Track tell it, LG Motorsport got it hands on a a mid-engine Corvette and slapped an LT2-specific nitrous system on it. The system was developed by a shop called Nitrous Express in Wichita Falls, Texas, and, without further ado, the team took it to Houston Raceway Park to attend the TX2k event.

In a Facebook post, LG Motorsports details how it did its first run naturally aspirated. That went fine. The second run was when it decided to start adding nitrous. “The car didn’t like spraying in first and would not shift to second until we let off the nitrous and the throttle,” the post reads. “We ran a 12.09 but at 124 [mph].”

The third run was when shit hit the fan. The car apparently “left the line great,” they waited to use the nitrous in second gear, and that’s when the passenger-side axle snapped. The car had to taken away on a flatbed.

Here’s the broken axle.


A broken axle isn’t the end of the world. Thankfully nothing more serious happened. And, on a positive note, this was a learning experience for everyone on the team.

Here’s a video of the run.

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