She-Ra’s Upcoming 5th Season Will Be Its Last

She-Ra’s Upcoming 5th Season Will Be Its Last

Netflix’s Noelle Stevenson just revealed that the upcoming fifth season, which debuts May 15, will be the series’ last.

“It has been such an incredible journey so far just getting to share these seasons that are already out and seeing the reactions,” Stevenson told Entertainment Weekly, which broke the news. “I do feel very lucky because we knew from the very beginning what our episode order was, so we got to tailor the story very specifically to how long the show was gonna be. It was tailored to be 52 episodes, the length that it is, and that’s a real blessing for a storyteller because it means everything happens when it’s meant to happen.”

So no, the show isn’t being cut short. And yes, all the issues set up at the end of season four will be resolved. So that helps this sting a little less.

“Going into season 5, our board has been wiped clean a little bit,” Stevenson said. “It has been a self-contained world in a self-contained struggle, where the sides of dark and light seemed well-defined at the beginning. But immediately those lines started getting blurred: Characters switched sides, characters who you thought were evil became good and good became evil, and then we started questioning what good and evil even means here.”

EW also revealed two teaser posters for the season which you can see below.

Head to EW for more from Stevenson and what to expect in season five. It premieres on Netflix on May 15.