Pornhub’s Premium Content Is Free All Month To Italians Stuck In Coronavirus Lockdown

Pornhub’s Premium Content Is Free All Month To Italians Stuck In Coronavirus Lockdown

It’s not a great time to be in Italy right now as the country is on lock-down in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s not all doom and gloom, as Pornhub is giving out free premium subscriptions all month. Just take extra time washing your hands afterwards, for the love of god.

The country’s northern region was put on lock-down last week, with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announcing that its coronavirus quarantine would be tightened as of today up until March 25. With the new Animal Crossing not out until March 20, people are going to want something to entertain themselves with in the interim, and Pornhub has stepped in, like a big, horny angel.

The site is offering up premium subs for the rest of March on its Italian site, with no need for credit card details, and it’s also donating some of its Modelhub revenue to local hospitals. The press release (via DailyMail) reads:

“Forza Italia, We love you! PornHub has decided to donate [a] percentage [of its] revenue from ModelHub platform from March to help Italy during the outbreak.

“To help you during these weeks at home, for the whole months you can access PornHub Premium free of charge, with no need of using your credit card.”

Pornhub isn’t the first adult site to offer free premium subscriptions, with xHamster doing the same for Lombardy and Veneto Regio in Italy, as well as other regions in Iran, South Korea, China, and the Canary Islands.

Coronavirus porn seems to be a thing now, if you have any Italian friends looking for recommendations outside of the usual fare of Italian MILF feet (their favourite). But if they’re working remotely, they should probably wait until 5.30pm rolls around before having a wank. If the temptation is just too much with all of that freemium porn, here’s how to avoid the allure of porn while working from home.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.