Pickup Truck Crashes Into Easter Island Rock Statue

Image: Getty

Easter Island is known for its moai, the hundreds of sacred statues that cover the island. On Sunday, a pickup truck rolled down a hill and crashed into one of them, damaging the statue and its platform. The island’s cultural heritage organisation, Ma’u Henua, posted photographs of the crash on its Facebook page.

En la Comunidad Ma’u Henua, lamentamos lo sucedido esta mañana en el sector de PU A PAU, donde una camioneta impactó a...

Posted by Ma'u Henua on Sunday, 1 March 2020

The truck was reportedly unoccupied, though according to CNN, the owner was arrested. Faulty brakes were blamed for the incident.

The Ma’u Henua organisation called the crash “seriously damaging,” and said that the statues, “are not only archaeological vestiges. They are sacred elements for a living and fundamental culture.”

The island has just under 900 of the statues, many of which sit on structural platforms called ahu. Several of the statues have fallen, either from natural disasters like earthquakes or during a civil struggle in the 18th century.

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