Patrick Stewart Heads Coronavirus Online Relief Effort

Patrick Stewart Heads Coronavirus Online Relief Effort
Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in <em>Star Trek: Picard.</em> (Image: CBS All Access)

Patrick Stewart’s ripped, leathery yoga arms are currently being stressed to their very limits by a heavy copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Poems, as the actor’s taken to reading his favourite Shakespearean chunks to his online followers to lift the national and international moods.

Well, he did one, and it was so popular he’s done another one and another one, which we can only assume means it’s now a definite ongoing thing as three is when that happens and there’s shit all else to do right now even when you’re Jean-Luc Picard for a job, and that in the future this new model of direct entertainment will see all of our favourite actors reading their lines in isolation to their social media groups. Here’s the latest:

What we need now is Ross Kemp doing his favourite EastEnders moments. He won’t need a book, though. Got them memorised. Does them around the house all the time. [Twitter via THR]

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