Melbourne Zoos Are Now Live Streaming Adorable Animals

Melbourne Zoos Are Now Live Streaming Adorable Animals
Two of the three snow leopard cubs, born 32 days ago, pictured at the Wildpark Lueneburger Heide wildlife park in Nindorf-Hanstedt, Germany, 8 June 2017. Photo: Ingo Wagner/dpa (Photo by Ingo Wagner/picture alliance via Getty Images)

If the social isolation and the threat of a global pandemic is getting you down, some Victorian zoos are here to brighten your day. Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo are now live streaming some of their adorable furry friends so you can happy-cry from the comfort of your couch.

At the moment the cameras are trained on some snow leopard cubs, penguins and lions and giraffes across both zoos. It’s incredibly heart-warming and wholesome.

“See Melbourne Zoo’s three baby Snow Leopard cubs as they play under mum’s watchful eye in their den. Enjoy the penguins as they go about their busy day; look up high and spot the giraffes as they spend most of the day eating; and check out the lazy lions of Werribee Open Range Zoo as they lord over their very own Pride Rock,” says the Melbourne Zoos website.

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All of the livestreams are available from the Melbourne Zoos site and via YouTube. Or you could do absolutely nothing at all and watch them all in real time below.

Fortunately for the animals they live in areas larger than what the camera can actually see. If you can’t see them right now, Melbourne Zoos recommends checking back later.

At the time of writing the snow leopard cubs were having a nap and my usually cold, dead heart might actually burst.

Snow Leopard Cub Livestream Melbourne Zoo

Penguin Livestream Melbourne Zoo

Giraffes Livestream Melbourne Zoo

Lion Livestream Weribee Open Range Zoo