Lego Teases A Super Mario Collaboration

Lego Teases A Super Mario Collaboration
Image: Lego

Lego is always doing a lot to branch out its licensing deals, and it looks like a pretty big one is on the way. Lego Super Mario. Yes you read that correctly: Lego is about to do something with Nintendo’s Mario franchise, though it’s not entirely clear what.

It’s clear that this teaser is not your traditional Lego minifgure, nor is it just a bunch of bricks thrown together in a Mario shape. There’s something digital going on, since Mario’s eyes, mouth, and chest have some sort of display. It looks an awful lot like those interactive Lego statues you see in Lego stores and some supermarkets, albeit not built out of kraggled bricks.

So what the heck is this? Is there a Lego Mario game coming out? Or is it the more likely possibility that Lego is doing some sort of weird playset that would warrant those figure displays?

My mind is all over the place really. And it doesn’t seem like my many, many questions will be answered anytime soon. Hopefully, though, this teaser will be elaborated on sometime this week or next.

Mamma mia…

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