Lego Forma Becomes VIP Reward As Lego Seemingly Tries To Dump Stock

Lego Forma Becomes VIP Reward As Lego Seemingly Tries To Dump Stock

Remember Lego Forma? It was an initiative by Lego to try and draw in more adults fans, and take advantage of the soothing effect that you can get when putting together a Lego set. Only one Forma set was ever made before Lego scrapped the idea, but now those sets are available as VIP rewards.

You can still buy the Forma Koi fish from the UK Lego store, but that is set to cost you £43 ($85) for a single set. That’s a lot! Especially since it only cost £35 ($70) during the initial Indiegogo campaign. It’s also a lot considering you can get one on the VIP reward centre for 4,200 points, which would normally be worth around $54 in Lego store credit.

Obviously you have to spend £525 ($1,039) to earn that many points to begin with, but once you have them it’s cheaper to go for the reward option.

Sadly the Forma skins are not available as VIP rewards, and haven’t been available to purchase since the initial crowdfunding campaign. They were available for 1,400, but they quickly sold out. Considering some of these go for more than the base set on eBay, that’s not a huge surprise.

The point of Forma was to encourage things like mindfulness in adult Lego fans, and to take the form of a ‘creative project’ rather than a toy. The range debuted as part of a crowdfunding campaign to garner feedback from people as well, though clearly it didn’t really generate the kind of hype or interest Lego wanted.

So it was scrapped, and the remaining sets were sold off. Nothing much has changed, but at least now you have the chance to get it for roughly $40 less. [Brick Fanatics]

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