Here Are The Nostalgic Star Trek: Picard Pictures You Probably Really Need Today

Here Are The Nostalgic Star Trek: Picard Pictures You Probably Really Need Today
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Given the state of, well…what feels like everything in the current news cycle, you could probably do with a Next Generation hugfest or six. Thankfully, our first look at the next episode of Star Trek: Picard has you covered.

CBS has dropped the first batch of photos from this week’s episode, “Nepenthe,” which sees Jean-Luc and his recently recovered…let’s go with friend, Soji Asher, flee the Romulan-controlled Borg Cube Soji had been working on, blissfully unaware of her nature as a synthetic being. Where they flee to is the titular planet, where Jean-Luc reunites with a few familiar faces: Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) and Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes), joined by their daughter, Kestra (Annabelle’s Lulu Wilson).

And this time, it really is Troi!

The pictures are all as heartwarming as you’d expect—well, except for the ones on La Sirena, which of course was left behind at the Cube during Picard’s hasty escape. Those all look suitably grim for being stuck next to a Borg Cube full of Tal Shiar.

But hey! People you remember! From that show! They’re here! Smiling. Hugging. Enjoying nature, and drinks, and tomatoes. Not having to wrestle with the fundamental moral tragedies that simmer throughout this tired old galaxy.

Chin chin, etc. (Image: CBS)

I’m sure absolutely nothing will go wrong. Star Trek: Picard returns to Amazon Prime Video this Friday.