Google Pixel 4a Leaked Photos Confirm That The Fingerprint Scanner Is Back

Google Pixel 4a Leaked Photos Confirm That The Fingerprint Scanner Is Back
Image: 91Mobiles

Another couple of pictures have popped up online of a smartphone that’s claiming to be the Pixel 4a, and if we ignore the smudges and smears all over it ” as difficult as that might be ” we can see the fingerprint scanner is back.

The photos were posted on Twitter by TechDroider, and show off a distressingly grubby Pixel 4a with a matte plastic chassis, sporting the same rear, square camera array that we saw in January’s renders, and just last week, when a couple of pictures of the handset surfaced.

It still looks like there’s a single lens on the back with a flash, and a single, front-facing, hole-punch camera. While this new leak shows the front lens in the top left corner, as did the one last week, the size and exact position of the hole doesn’t look quite the same across both images, so it could be that someone is playing silly buggers.

The fingerprint scanner, that was present on the Pixel 3a but was switched out for facial recognition in the more expensive Pixel 4, is back on the Pixel 4a. The feature has likely been implemented to keep costs down for the budget ‘a’ line of devices.

Outside of that, the tweet doesn’t tell us anything else. It’s likely that the features will be arranged as per the rumours we’ve heard so far, but don’t put too much stock in these ‘leaks’ in the absence of consistency. [TechDroider via Trusted Reviews]

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.