Decked Out Bed For Gamers Only Comes In Single Sizes

Decked Out Bed For Gamers Only Comes In Single Sizes

No amount of caffeine, sugar, or Doritos can get around it: Even the most die-hard gamer is going to have to eventually abandon their sweet gaming setup and climb into bed for some rest. But that doesn’t necessarily mean gaming has to be put on hold, thanks to Bauhutte’s new Gaming Beds.

It’s a creation straight out of dystopian predictions of mankind’s future. But it’s also becoming apparent that films like WALL·E accurately predicted where our species is heading, or more accurately, avoiding in order to stay in bed all day long. Bauhutte already specialises in furniture customised for gaming needs, including desks that can be endlessly adjusted to suit a gamer’s preferences and rolling shelves that keep accessories like controllers, snacks, and soft drinks well within reach.

Where’s the bed pan? (Photo: Bauhutte)

The furniture company’s gaming bed might be its ultimate creation, however. For just shy of $US300 ($460) you can buy the Bauhutte bed desk, which is a simple bed frame incorporating an elevated desk at the foot, allowing gaming sessions to continue even when gamers are too exhausted to sit upright in a chair. But why stop there? The bed desk can be extensively accessorised from the company’s product catalogue to create the gaming utopia pictured above.

Because the setup is built around a twin bed (makes you think), it won’t completely break the bank. The suggested rig, which includes the desk, headboard, bed frame, rolling shelving, an adjustable keyboard tray, and even a gaming blanket and custom beanbag pillow, is priced at just north of $US1,000 ($1,533) after currency conversion.

Truly living the life. (Photo: Bauhutte)

You’ll need to factor in the cost of a gaming PC or console, monitors, and whatever food you think is safe for consumption in bed, but if mandatory coronavirus quarantines are ever put in place here, this seems like it could actually be a great way to pass the time. The only thing missing is a built-in bed pan—truly a gross oversight. Once you’re all settled into this rig, surrounded by everything you could ever need, who would ever want to leave just to make a bathroom run? Maybe that’s what those oversized instant ramen cups are for.