Quarantined Italians Record YouTube Videos To Their Past Selves And It's A Frightening Reminder For Australians

coronavirus italy quaratine australians youtubeImage: YouTube

Despite the increased safety precautions introduced in Australia this week to combat the coronavirus, COVID-19, it seems unbelievable that countries like Italy are in full quarantine.

It's easy to live life as normally as possible, thinking that couldn't possibly happen here. Italians thought that, too. A bunch of them recorded messages to 'themselves from ten days ago' to highlight how quickly things can take a turn.

The video opens by saying France, the UK and the U.S. are around 9-10 days behind Italy in their COVID-19 progression. It serves as a reminder that Italians used to be like them.

But within 10 days they would be confined to their homes due to the exponential spread of the virus. At the time of writing Italy was sitting at almost 28,000 confirmed cases and over 2,100 deaths.

In Australia, we have almost 400 cases at present, and a handful of deaths. But despite a growing number of cases and government measures to advise against gatherings of 500 people, there remains a somewhat lax attitude towards the spread. This attitude is echoed in the recordings, when life seemed to be progressing as normal in Italy.

While many in Australia may be panic buying, there still seems to be some complacency when it comes to heeding expert warnings about how serious the coronavirus, COVID-19, is.

The three-minute video echoes many of the sentiments we're hearing around Australia right now. These are just regular people doing regular things - whether that's going to the gym or maybe having a cheeky poke at those wearing masks.

It's a frightening reminder that this could be us in the near future if we don't take this seriously and listen to the expert warnings.

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