Aussie Broadband Gives Customers Unlimited Daytime Data To Deal With Coronavirus

Aussie Broadband Gives Customers Unlimited Daytime Data To Deal With Coronavirus

Aussie Broadband has become the latest telco to offer data-related help to its customers during the coronavirus outbreak.

The broadband company is focusing on customers who are now required to work from home. From March 18 it will be offering unmetered data usage from 6am to 6pm to all customers on limited data NBN and ADSL plans.

“I understand that many people are concerned about how the next few weeks will play out. We’re keeping an eagle eye on network usage and we will upgrade as necessary if we see peaks beyond our normal high range,” said Aussie Broaband Managing Director, Phil Britt, in a statement.

Aussie Broadband will also be allowing its customers who are still on 12/1 plans to change to 25/5 plans and will be temporarily stop cutting off customers who have overdue payments. This is addition to other services the company offers for customers who are struggling financially, such as payment plans.

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The majority of the Aussie Broadband customer service team is still working in-office, but the telco is working on a solution for them to work at home “if necessary”.

“We’ll be keeping customers up-to-date on any impacts to our customer service capacity. We regard them as part of the Aussie Broadband family, and we want to assure them that we’ll do our level best to help in any way we can over the coming weeks,” said Britt.

You can read the full release over on the Aussie Broadband Blog. If you’re interested in seeing hoe congestion is in your area, you can check out the company’s live CVC graphs.