Audible Says Enter The Sandman With A New Audio Drama Narrated By Neil Gaiman

Audible Says Enter The Sandman With A New Audio Drama Narrated By Neil Gaiman

The Sandman has spent years in development hell, but finally, we’re getting an adaptation. Actually, not one but two. While we wait for Netflix’s upcoming TV series of Neil Gaiman’s famous work, Audible is stepping in. The network has announced it’s producing an audio drama based on the DC series, narrated by Gaiman himself.

According to a press release, Audible is producing an audio adaptation of The Sandman, which follows the travels of Death’s younger brother, Morpheus the King of Dreams, as he tries to reclaim his lost objects of power and rebuild his realm. The series is being adapted and directed by Dirk Maggs, who’s worked extensively with Gaiman on audio adaptations of his work like , and Anansi Boys. Gaiman will serve as creative director, executive producer, and narrator on the project, something Maggs said helped enrich the material with new insight and details.

“Our production dives deep into Neil’s imagination, as if he is writing these tales beside us, lifting out details and story elements few have been privy to until now,” Maggs said in a statement.

In a statement, Gaiman said Maggs had originally approached him 30 years about doing an audio adaptation of Sandman”it didn’t end up happening, but was the start of their professional relationship. Gaiman said he’s glad it’s happening now because “we are in a Golden Age of audio drama,” given the popularity of podcasts and modern radio dramas.

“I’ve loved being there to talk casting, there to read the scripts and offer occasional advice, and there in the studios, watching magic get made and recording the narration. I can’t wait until the world hears what we’ve done.”

You can listen to a sample of Audible’s The Sandman here. The first episode is set to come out this winter.